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Thunderbird Blog: Thunderbird Reorganizes at 2014 Toronto Summit

ti, 25/11/2014 - 19:15

In October 2014, 22 active contributors to Thunderbird gathered at the Mozilla office in Toronto to discuss the status of Thunderbird, and plan for the future.

Toronto Contributors at 2014 Toronto Summit

Thunderbird contributors gather in Toronto to plan the future.

As background, Mitchell Baker, Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, posted in July 2012 that Mozilla would significantly reduce paid staff dedicated to Thunderbird, and asked community volunteers to move Thunderbird forward. Mozilla at that time committed several paid staff to maintain Thunderbird, each working part-time on Thunderbird but with a main commitment to other Mozilla projects. The staff commitment in total was approximately one full-time equivalent.

Over the last two years, those individuals had slowly reduced their commitment to Thunderbird, yet the formal leadership of Thunderbird remained with these staff. By 2014 Thunderbird had reached the point where nobody was effectively in charge, and it was difficult to make important decisions. By gathering the key active contributors in one place, we were able to make real decisions, plan our future governance, and move to complete the transition from being staff-led to community-led.

At the Summit, we made a number of key decisions:

  • A group of seven individuals were elected to comprise a Thunderbird Council with the authority to make decisions affecting Thunderbird. I (Kent James) am currently the Chair of this council.
  • For our next major release, Thunderbird 38 due in May 2015, we set this roadmap:
    • Folders: allow >4GByte mbox folders, plus finish support for maildir
    • Instant Messaging: Support WebRTC
    • Calendaring: Merge Lightning into Thunderbird as a shipped addon
    • Accounts: Merge the New Account Types binary addon into core, allowing new account types to be defined using addons in the future.
    • IMAP: support OAUTH authorization in GMail.
  • We agreed that Thunderbird needs to have one or more full-time, paid staff to support shipping a stable, reliable product, and allow progress to be made on frequently-requested features. To this end, we plan to appeal directly to our users for donations.
  • The Thunderbird active contributors are proud to be part of Mozilla, expect to remain part of Mozilla for the foreseeable future, and believe we have an important role to play in fulfilling the goals of the Mozilla Manifesto.

There is a lot of new energy in Thunderbird since the Summit, a number of people are stepping forward to take on some critical roles, and we are looking forward to a great next release. More help is always welcome though!

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Meeting Notes: Thunderbird: 2014-11-18

wo, 19/11/2014 - 05:00
Thunderbird meeting notes 2014-11-18

Previous meetings:


(partial list)

Action items from last meetings
  • wsmwk: Get the Thunderbird 38 bugzilla flag created
    • not heard from standard8
Critical Issues
  • Several critical bugs keeping us from moving from 24 to 31. Please leave these here until they’re confirmed fixed.
    • Frequent POP3 crasher bug 902158 On current aurora and beta?
      • we won’t have data/insight till next week, assuming the relevant builds are built. crash-stats for nightly builds is not useful – direct user testing of the fixed build is required
    • Self-signed certs are having difficulty bug 1036338 SOLVED! REOPENED according to the bug?
    • Auto-complete bugs?bug 1045753 waiting for esr approval bug 1043310 Waiting for review, still
    • Auto-complete improvements (bug 970456, bug 1091675, bug 118624) – some of those could go into esr31
    • bug 1045958TB 31 jp does not display folder pane with OS X

Why are we throttled? Because 1) waiting for TB 31.3, and 2) still hoping for bug 1045958 3) need auto-complete bug approved. Dec 1/2 is now release date.

Upcoming Round Table wsmwk
  • got Penelope (pre-OSE eudora) removed from AMO
  • shepherding [1] bug 1045958]]TB 31 jp does not display folder pane with OS X
  • secured potential release drivers
  • “Get Involved” is broken for Thunderbird. TB isn’t offered at, and it’s unclear who in Thunderbird gets notified. In contact with

Larissa Shapiro

  • Looking into eliminating the comm-central build system bug 1099430
  • Trying to see if I can get some whines set up to listen for potential TB compat changes (e.g., checking the addon-compat keyword)
  • We have telemetry on Nightly for the first time since TB 28!
  • Irving is working through reviews of bug 998191 \o/
  • Google Talk does not work on comm-central due to disabling of RC4 SSL ciphers, see bug 1092701
    • Some of the security guys have contacted Googlers, apparently an internal ticket was opened with the XMPP team
  • Filed a bug (with a patch) to have firefoxtree work with comm-central, this will automatically add a tag (called “comm”) to the tip of comm-central bug 1100692 and is useful if you’re playing with bookmarks instead of mq
  • Still haven’t fully been able to get Additional Chat Protocols to compile…(Windows still failing)
  • WebRTC work is waiting for reviews from Florian
  • lots of reviews, queue almost empty, yay!
  • finally landed bug 970456
  • bug 1074125 fixed, plan to handle some of the m-c encoding removals next
  • bug 1074793 fixed, for tb we need to set a pref for it to take affect (bug 1095893 awaiting review)
  • revived effort on 4GB+ folders together with rkent
  • landed a rewrite of the attachment reminder engine: bug 938829 (NOT for ESR). Please mark regressions against that bug. First one is bug 1099866.
Support team
  • [roland] working on Thunderbird profile article because a new volunteer contributor from the SUMO buddy program rewrote it! will review changes!
Action Items
  • wsmwk: Thunderbird start page for anniversary, with localizations
  • wsmwk: Get Involved, get the “Thunderbird path” operating
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Rumbling Edge - Thunderbird: 2014-11-16 Calendar builds

snein, 16/11/2014 - 18:20

Common (excluding Website bugs)-specific: (11)

  • Fixed: 373562 – All day events should be printed at the top
  • Fixed: 610152 – Events randomly disappear from the view pane. View returns when TB is restarted.
  • Fixed: 723906 – 301 on PUT only partially honored
  • Fixed: 947615 – Event description shows escaped comma and line breaks
  • Fixed: 985863 – Event dialog: setFieldValue: aElement.removeAttribute couldn’t remove disabled from null e: TypeError: aElement is null
  • Fixed: 992669 – Navigation bar’s label “Current Week” (CW CWs) sometimes is set with a wrong week number
  • Fixed: 1074159 – Freebusy requests fail with Google CalDAV if the first calendar in the realm is disabled
  • Fixed: 1074645 – ReferenceError: acceptDialog is not defined [TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testTodayPane.js | testTodayPane.js::testTodayPane] [TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testLocalICS.js | testLocalICS.js::testLocalICS]
  • Fixed: 1075048 – During Build, lightning is installed in wrong directory
  • Fixed: 1084474 – Views are broken [Error: NS_NOINTERFACE accessing nsIScrollBoxObject in calendar-multiday-view.xml]
  • Fixed: 1090784 – Calendar xpcshell tests fail with ReferenceError: _passedChecks is not defined at …/calendar/test/unit/head_consts.js:217

Sunbird will no longer be actively developed by the Calendar team.

Windows builds Official Windows

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64)

Mac builds Official Mac

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Rumbling Edge - Thunderbird: 2014-11-16 Thunderbird comm-central builds

snein, 16/11/2014 - 18:18

Thunderbird-specific: (58)

  • Fixed: 118798 – News message read should be centered in list pane
  • Fixed: 456663 – (Re)move |pref(“mailnews.ui.threadpane.version”, 1);|
  • Fixed: 511625 – move other actions button in line with header buttons (chevron like)[polish]
  • Fixed: 778907 – Highlighting/selecting 18000+ of emails inside a folder keeps giving the javascript is unresponsive script warning message, because TB is building the summary pane.
  • Fixed: 779714 – mail.tabs.autoHide=true causes tilebar is too narrow after australis tab design
  • Fixed: 789397 – searching virtual folder. crash in nsACString_internal::Assign due to out of range access from nsMsgSearchSession::GetNextUrl. Often compact related.
  • Fixed: 837205 – Put more space or separator between “delete” and the print preview menu items in the context menu (right-click) or move “delete” to somewhere else.
  • Fixed: 912116 – A 6×6-pixel context menu appears when you right-click in a message folder where there are no messages
  • Fixed: 929903 – place cursor in Address Book search field upon open, instead of focus on first contact in address book
  • Fixed: 938829 – optimize attachmentWorker.onmessage to not construct the whole attachment notification bar when it is already shown
  • Fixed: 956101 – Thunderbird data is missing from
  • Fixed: 970456 – Recipient autocomplete: Implement scoring algorithm to prioritize “beginsWith” wordwise matches over “contains” matches: search for “be” should toplist “Ben” and “Betty” over “HolBErt” (having “be” in the middle of word)
  • Fixed: 986078 – Menupopup of “Default font” isn’t using the full width, cuts of font-names
  • Fixed: 1000775 – For AB Quicksearch / contacts side bar, implement split multiword search pattern (*foo* AND *bar* for XXL search power; port bug 558931 to AB)
  • Fixed: 1003716 – Update character encoding-related pref UI not to use the nsCharsetMenu RDF data source
  • Fixed: 1018259 – Thunderbird should stop using SHA-1 when signing email messages
  • Fixed: 1025488 – Clickable area of some preferences too large
  • Fixed: 1039003 – Port |Bug 633773 – Use Google’s HTTPS search by default|, |Bug 958883 – Use HTTPS for Yahoo searches| and search plugin parts of |Bug 959576 – Create a component to get the list of priority domains| to Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1039714 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-attachment-reminder.js | test-attachment-reminder.js::test_attachment_reminder_appears_properly
  • Fixed: 1043784 – after confirming autocomplete suggestion with TAB key combination, Thunderbird adds a new addressing line, does not move focus to the subject text box
  • Fixed: 1045753 – Compose email LDAP erases text (autocompletes to blank entry when result email not set)
  • Fixed: 1052062 – Error console doesn’t show all error messages shown by remote debugging
  • Fixed: 1052396 – Error after creating profile (while there are still no accounts): “Error in setting AccountCentral Items: TypeError: server is null”
  • Fixed: 1052464 – error when adding first account: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIMsgAccountManager.defaultAccount]” mailInstrumentation.js in minst_postStateObject line 101
  • Fixed: 1052566 – Opening ‘File’ menu without account configured throws exception: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIMsgAccountManager.defaultAccount] mail3PaneWindowCommands.js :: IsSendUnsentMsgsEnabled
  • Fixed: 1053121 – [10.10] Add vibrancy to the folderpane.
  • Fixed: 1053761 – L10n nightly builds failing post build changes
  • Fixed: 1056649 – Port |Bug 559505 – localstore.rdf kills ponies| to Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1059927 – Extend the inverted icon logic from bug 1046563 to AB, Composer and Lightning
  • Fixed: 1076773 – ReferenceError: EnableDisableAllowedReceipts is not defined in receipts.xul
  • Fixed: 1078003 – Port bug 1076926 to TB – Add windows 10 support to exe manifest
  • Fixed: 1080587 – Freeze current set of Hightail users
  • Fixed: 1081400 – l10n packager error since new file structure
  • Fixed: 1081818 – The Spell Check Dialog in Thunderbird Message Compose to small for long words. Make it resizable.
  • Fixed: 1084109 – displayStatusText() is not implemented in Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1084633 – Sender name shown for sessionstart messages as well as messages without a sender name in search results.
  • Fixed: 1084974 – Appmenu styling is incorrect on OS X 10.10
  • Fixed: 1085003 – JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/systemIntegrationDialog.xul, line 1: ReferenceError: gSystemIntegrationDialog is not defined
  • Fixed: 1085762 – MozMill test step “get buildId” is failing to find the application.ini / doesn’t run tests due to path changes
  • Fixed: 1086605 – JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/editContactOverlay.js, line 166: TypeError: Components.interfaces.nsIPopupBoxObject is undefined [TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-message-header.js | test-message-header.js::test_address_book_switch_disabled_on_con
  • Fixed: 1087529 – Revert do not track preferences to be a simple on/off switch
  • Fixed: 1087627 – Perma-orange on Thunderbird-Trunk: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | C:/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/services/datareporting/tests/xpcshell/test_client_id.js | TypeError: Cc[';1'] is undefined
  • Fixed: 1089025 – C-C TB: Chrome file doesn’t exist: chrome/toolkit/content/global/charsetOverlay.js
  • Fixed: 1089410 – Package failures because of move from content/ to dom/
  • Fixed: 1089426 – Remove the blueish background on AB’s abResultsTree and CardViewBox on Win7
  • Fixed: 1092200 – Thunderbird crashing on start in HTMLInputElement.cpp:193
  • Fixed: 1092539 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/dom/tv/test/xpcshell/test_tv_tuner_data.js
  • Fixed: 1092584 – Fix Thunderbird’s OS X disclosure button styling once bug 1085134 is resolved
  • Fixed: 1092627 – _testLogger in test-folder-display-helpers.js should be also renamed.
  • Fixed: 1092811 – Print Preview not working in Thunderbird and SeaMonkey since Bug 1082575
  • Fixed: 1092815 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/toolkit/mozapps/update/tests/unit_base_updater/marAppApplyUpdateSuccess.js + marAppApplyUpdateStageSuccess.js
  • Fixed: 1095121 – Error when running Mozmill tests: “SyntaxError: const declaration not directly within block” due to const changes
  • Fixed: 1095297 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/mozmill/content-tabs/test-install-xpi.js | test-install-xpi.js::test_install_corrupt_xpi
  • Fixed: 1095918 – Improve chat input box styling for OS X
  • Fixed: 1097484 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete/test_swap_protocol.js
  • Fixed: 1097486 – Mozmill tests failed with the message ‘Exception: Sorry, cannot connect to jsbridge extension, port 24242′
  • Fixed: 1097748 – Thunderbird Daily failing to start, with “Couldn’t load XPCOM.” error
  • Fixed: 1098021 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/dom/base/test/unit/test_cspreports.js

MailNews Core-specific: (37)

  • Fixed: 132453 – Multi select cards and the Properties button should be disabled
  • Fixed: 166860 – Incorrect comparison in morkNode.cpp
  • Fixed: 243833 – Attachments of Content-Type: application/pkcs7-mime that contain non-standard contents fail to decode and are not shown
  • Fixed: 255948 – Remove stored password after the account is deleted.
  • Fixed: 304917 – Permanent Redirect from an RSS feed should update the stored URL
  • Fixed: 323911 – should not play sound when new feed items arrive
  • Fixed: 659244 – p7m attachments are skipped in printing
  • Fixed: 718279 – Collapsed Thread lines colored according to tags inside
  • Fixed: 733535 – selecting an empty mailing list causes an error “cards[i] is null”
  • Fixed: 765803 – Reply above quote (no signature, HTML composition) no longer leaves a blank line
  • Fixed: 902158 – crash in nsInterfaceRequestorAgg::Release / NS_ProxyRelease at 0x5a5a5a5a
  • Fixed: 935934 – Filter log don’t give infos about filtered mails (No From:/Subject:/Message-ID: data and 1970/01/01 as Date in filter move log, when “Filter before Junk Classification” is used )
  • Fixed: 936466 – React to the removal of TIS-620, ISO-8859-11 and ISO-8859-9
  • Fixed: 1048872 – L10n builds broken on comm-central (34.0a1 builds)
  • Fixed: 1050840 – “Maximum number of server connections to cache” advanced account setting defaults to 1 for new accounts
  • Fixed: 1053782 – Add a Learn more link to the support page in feeds subscribe dialog
  • Fixed: 1054252 – wrong values in From and Recipient columns in message list due to improper RFC 2047 decoding / parsing order
  • Fixed: 1059171 – Make the editor field of nsIMsgCompose read-write
  • Fixed: 1062559 – Port |Bug 1055627 – Pass MOZ_GLUE_PROGRAM_LDFLAGS after STATIC_LIBS to linker| to c-c
  • Fixed: 1069819 – Update newsblog to address non-backward compatible changes to JS let semantics
  • Fixed: 1071754 – Filter to move messages to IMAP folder on getting new mail doesn’t work unless Filter after Junk Classification is selected
  • Fixed: 1074711 – mach configure calls unsupported MSYS make instead of mozmake [error processing mozbuild file: illegal file access outside of the top source directory: /..\{suite|mail}/app.mozbuild]
  • Fixed: 1075913 – Select proper (currently used) account in account manager when possible.
  • Fixed: 1079783 – OAuth2 forgets token when offline and a few other minor OAuth2.jsm fixes
  • Fixed: 1082237 – Port |Bug 1077212 – Move MOZ_FOLD_LIBS to configure| to comm-central
  • Fixed: 1083941 – Port Bug 1041180 (Remove deprecated nsIChannelPolicy) to comm-central MailNews
  • Fixed: 1084481 – Build error: ‘NS_NewInputStreamChannel’ : no overloaded function takes 4 arguments
  • Fixed: 1085151 – char signed vs unsigned build failures
  • Fixed: 1085562 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | ../../../resources/logHelper.js | Error console says [stackFrame [Exception… “Failure arg 0 [nsITreeView.setTree]” nsresult: “0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)” location: “JS frame :: /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/mai
  • Fixed: 1086705 – -Werror=switch causes TB build failure
  • Fixed: 1087322 – New mail notification on OS X shuts down during xpcom-shutdown, should use profile-before-change
  • Fixed: 1087409 – FORCE_PR_LOG is now globally defined
  • Fixed: 1088497 – Implement NewChannel2 in mailnews
  • Fixed: 1091077 – gloda test timeout: TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | C:/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/mailnews/db/gloda/test/unit/test_cleanup_msf_databases.js | Test timed out
  • Fixed: 1092625 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | C:/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/mailnews/mime/jsmime/test/test_mime_tree.js | xpcshell return code: 0
  • Fixed: 1094560 – Use m-c instead of a clone
  • Fixed: 1096778 – Include browser-element.xpt that defines the nsIBrowserElementAPI interface

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64)

Mac builds Official Mac

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