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Mozilla、「Firefox 41」を正式リリース。“TSF”採用によるIMEサポートの向上など - 窓の杜

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Mozilla、「Firefox 41」を正式リリース。“TSF”採用によるIMEサポートの向上など
Windows/Mac/Linuxなどに対応する寄付歓迎のフリーソフトで、現在MozillaのWebサイトからダウンロード可能。Windows版は窓の杜ライブラリからもダウンロードできる。 「Firefox 41」では、“TSF(Text Services Framework)”の利用により、Windows Vista以降の環境で日本 ...
Mozilla、追跡防止機能を実装した「Firefox 42」ベータ版を提供開始マイナビニュース
Mozilla、Android用Firefox 41安定版をリリースガジェット通信

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Mozilla Firefox 42.0 to Bring GTK3 Integration for GNU/Linux, New Privacy Settings - Softpedia News

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Softpedia News

Mozilla Firefox 42.0 to Bring GTK3 Integration for GNU/Linux, New Privacy Settings
Softpedia News
Now that Mozilla released the version 41.0 of its widely used, open-source and cross-platform web browser for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems, the time has come to inform you guys about the upcoming features of Firefox ...

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Kinderfox: Mozilla gibt Eltern Kontrolle über Firefox für Android -

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Kinderfox: Mozilla gibt Eltern Kontrolle über Firefox für Android
Firefox 42 für Android-Tablets wird mit einer ersten Version von etwas erscheinen, was Mozilla intern Kidfox oder auch Kinderfox nennt. Spezielle Anpassungen und das Deaktivieren von Funktionen sollen den Mozilla-Browser geeigneter für Kinder machen.
RAM-Optimierung, Messaging und mehr Neue Funktionen in Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla: Firefox 41 bringt leichte Verbesserungen bei Addons und
Mit Firefox 41 unterstützt Chat-Client Hello auch
IT Magazine -ComputerBase
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Mozilla Firefox 41 disponibile al download - Tux Journal

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Tux Journal

Mozilla Firefox 41 disponibile al download
Tux Journal
Mozilla Firefox è da sempre uno dei browser più apprezzati dagli utenti che lo trovano di default sulla maggior parte delle distro in circolazione (Ubuntu prima fra tutte). Eppure, negli ultimi mesi, Mozilla Foundation ha ricevuto qualche critica ...
Firefox di Mozilla ha la sua chat integrataData manager online
Mozilla festeggia il compleanno di Android con alcuni consigliTutto Android
Firefox 41: instant messenger in Firefox HelloWebnews -HDblog (Blog)
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Mozilla Addons Blog: Add-ons Update – Week of 2015/09/23

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 23:01

I post these updates every 3 weeks to inform add-on developers about the status of the review queues, add-on compatibility, and other happenings in the add-ons world.

The Review Queues
  • Most nominations for full review are taking less than 10 weeks to review.
  • 163 nominations in the queue awaiting review.
  • Most updates are being reviewed within 7 weeks.
  • 88 updates in the queue awaiting review.
  • Most preliminary reviews are being reviewed within 10 weeks.
  • 152 preliminary review submissions in the queue awaiting review.

The unlisted queues aren’t mentioned here, but they have very low numbers. We’re in the process of getting more help to reduce queue length and waiting times for all queues. A new admin reviewer started helping us this week and we’re looking for a second one.

If you’re an add-on developer and would like to see add-ons reviewed faster, please consider joining us. Add-on reviewers get invited to Mozilla events and earn cool gear with their work. Visit our wiki page for more information.

Firefox 41 Compatibility

The compatibility blog post has been up for a while. The compatibility bump was run on Monday, which is way too late, and I apologize for that. I just lost track of it. Fortunately it was a fairly small validation with very few developers affected.

Firefox 42 Compatibility

Expect the blog post to come up soon. Again, this is something I expected to have done sooner, but it’s coming.

As always, we recommend that you test your add-ons on Beta and Firefox Developer Edition (formerly known as Aurora) to make sure that they continue to work correctly. End users can install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter to identify and report any add-ons that aren’t working anymore.

Extension Signing

The wiki page on Extension Signing has information about the timeline, as well as responses to some frequently asked questions. The new add-on installation UI and signature warnings are now enabled in release versions of Firefox.

We recently announced an extension to the signing deadline. The current plan is to turn on enforcement by default in Firefox 43.


Electrolysis, also known as e10s, is the next major compatibility change coming to Firefox. In a nutshell, Firefox will run on multiple processes now, running content code in a different process than browser code. This should improve responsiveness and overall stability, but it also means many add-ons will need to be updated to support this.

If you read Kev’s post on the future of add-on development, you should know there are big changes coming. We’re investing heavily on the new WebExtensions API, so we strongly recommend that you start looking into it for your add-ons. If you have requests for new APIs, please suggest them in the uservoice forum.

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Mozilla test bescherming tegen trackers in Firefox -

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Mozilla test bescherming tegen trackers in Firefox
Een nieuwe beta van de Firefox-browser richt zich op beveiliging tegen tracking van websites. Hiermee worden bepaalde processen op een webpagina geblokkeerd. Sommige websites maken een profiel van gebruikers op basis van surfgedrag.
Firefox na update voorzien van chat-appDe Morgen
Firefox Hello gaat concurrentie aan met Hangouts en SkypeTechzine

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About:Community: MDN Fellows: What They Did & What’s Next

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 20:35

It’s hard to believe our MDN Fellowship Pilot is winding down! Announced in May and oriented in June, our five Fellows and mentors have been heads’ down ever since.  Here’s a short summary of their accomplishments in the program and a taste of what’s next.

Curriculum (Steve Kinney, Fellow; Chris Mills, Mentor)

For the curriculum Fellowship we selected to write a full course on “Advanced beginning JavaScript.”  Steve and Chris considered this to be important because, while there are loads of resources looking at beginner-level stuff like variables and basic function usage + a load of discussion of really advanced techniques, there is very little to help a budding developer who has already mastered the basics and wants to level-up their skills.

Steve and Chris are still working on the course, and will be for weeks to come — see the repo, and read the index file for an idea of the content we’ll include.

If you want to dig in right away, you can already start working through some of the tutorials and demos.

Service Workers (Flaki Szmozsanszky, Fellow; Brittany Storoz + Anne Van Kesteren, Mentors)

With more widespread browser support for service workers fast approaching, we were aiming for creating a “baseline” service worker content kit. It was to cover the general, high-level “what are service workers and why should I care?” questions as well as being able to provide resources for interested parties. Take a test drive of the content kit here.

Beyond just collecting and completing the above baseline content kit, during the Fellowship Flaki had the chance to work closely not just with his service worker mentors Brittany Storoz and Anne van Kesteren but also with the content & platform teams at Mozilla who work hard on implementing service workers and related features in Firefox & Firefox OS.

We also devised a proof-of-concept transparent image format polyfill that uses service workers, which, besides being a novel approach in using service workers, helped a lot in uncovering some lurking bugs in Firefox’s preliminary implementation. We especially want to thank Ben Kelly of the platform team who was invaluable in tracking down, reporting and fixing those issues.

See this blog post for more details on the content kit and the proof-of-concept polyfill.

Test The Web Forward (Ben Boyle, Fellow; James Graham and Josh Matthews, Mentors)

As Test the Web Forward already has great documentation on getting involved, we had two goals: (1) address the quality of the contributions, and (2) build confidence in new contributors.

We’ve focused on understanding web specifications in order to write accurate tests both in terms of coverage (understanding the detail in a simple specification) and in challenging assumptions so that tests are based on what the spec says (and not what we think it means).

We’ve set up a codepen to use the testing framework. This can be forked to write new tests to check behaviour and is useful for exploring a problem, or for accompanying bug reports. It’s a nice quick way to get started, before installing the Test the Web Forward repo to contribute directly.

We are also working on a couple of case studies (more to come) showing the experience after finding an interoperability issue including researching the specs and analysing the behaviour seen in browsers. Each journey is different, and a wonderful chance to learn more about the web.

Web App Performance (Vignesh Shanmugam, Fellow; Harald Kirschner, Mentor)

With the increase in average website size, we need to better access the web from varying levels of computing power devices and experiments to show the impact on revenue with the increased load times – particularly during development.

The content kit that we are building helps web developers and others understand basic techniques for their websites to load faster. The focus is heavily on the network side of the performance since 70% of the time is spent on the network. Our Content Kit also has various beginner and advanced tutorials, slides and demos.

The kit is not complete yet. We are also planning to include lots of deep dive tutorials on understanding packet level information on TCP stack, how to leverage modern capabilities in browser etc. Please feel free to pour in your ideas.

It was an amazing experience to work with the fellows and mentors who are all part of the MDN fellowship program. Thanks to Mozilla for making this happen :)


WebGL (Greg Tatum, Mentor; NIck Desaulniers, Mentor)

It has been really exciting being part of the first Mozilla Fellowship group. One of the big reasons for my involvement with the web and open source communities is the feedback from my peers and the quick sharing and collaboration on ideas. The fellowship has quick-started my involvement with MDN and their enthusiastic team of staff and contributors. One of the most valuable experiences was being able to write an article for MDN and get immediate in-person feedback from one of the staff writers. It was really empowering to know that the docs I use every day are so easily improved.

I had a blast diving into explanations of some of the fundamentals of how you go from abstract data to 3D-rendered images in the browser. It was really helpful for my own understanding to build out content kits and articles that step through matrix math fundamentals, the 3d projection process, and finally getting to taking that data and lighting it.

I’m very passionate about creative coding and the technologies surrounding it. It still feels like a niche genre with a community that is growing, especially with people moving from desktop applications to web projects. I only want this community to get larger and produce more and more interesting works that inspires me. I hope my time spent with the Mozilla Fellowship and other open source contributions can help to continue to grow people’s knowledge and interest in technologies like WebGL.

Content kits

Shared utility library for WebGL explanations:

MDN Articles based off of the content kits:

…with Lighting Models coming soon

What’s Next?

We’ll be evaluating the role that this type of program might make towards the goals of both MDN and Mozilla overall. You also might see more contributions on MDN from our Fellows. And rumor has it you may be seeing some of this great work – and even contributing to it – at our November MozFest event in London.
Can’t get to London? Nothing’s stopping you from diving into those repos.

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Air Mozilla: Product Coordination Meeting

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 20:00

Product Coordination Meeting Duration: 10 minutes This is a weekly status meeting, every Wednesday, that helps coordinate the shipping of our products (across 4 release channels) in order...

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Mozilla WebDev Community: Beer and Tell – September 2015

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 19:35

Once a month, web developers from across the Mozilla Project get together to design user-friendly advertisements. When we’re not deciding which police alarm we want to auto-play, we find time to talk about our side projects and drink, an occurrence we like to call “Beer and Tell”.

There’s a wiki page available with a list of the presenters, as well as links to their presentation materials. There’s also a recording available courtesy of Air Mozilla.

Erik Rose: Whitespace-significant Meta-grammar for Homoiconic Languages

The only presenter this week was ErikRose, who shared a prototype grammar for a class of whitespace-significant programming languages. The goal was to represent the nested-list structure of homoiconic languages like Lisp while keeping redundant bracing out of the way like Python.

if is_yak then shave yak bathe yak else do productive_work --> (if is_yak then ((shave yak) (bathe yak)) else ((do productive_work)) )

Normally, when the else statement in code similar to the sample above isn’t indented and is at the same level as the if statement, the parser must know that else statements may follow after if statements and are related to them. To get around this, ErikRose suggests using a partial outdent. This way, the parser can recognize that the else statement is separate from the shave and bathe lines but should still be grouped with the if statement, even if the parser doesn’t know what an if statement is.

Erik’s gist contains a few more samples and a possible grammar for parsing a language like this using Parsimonious, his parsing library.

Our focus group of QVC customers has given us great insight in to just what the average internet user is looking for in their sponsored content. Early retirement, here we come!

If you’re interested in attending the next Beer and Tell, sign up for the mailing list. An email is sent out a week beforehand with connection details. You could even add yourself to the wiki and show off your side-project!

See you next month!

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Air Mozilla: Improve QA: Community

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 19:07

 Community Continuing on the Improve QA path, this chat is focused on generating ideas to improve our interaction and outcomes with the community.

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Air Mozilla: The Joy of Coding (mconley livehacks on Firefox) - Episode 28

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 19:00

The Joy of Coding (mconley livehacks on Firefox) - Episode 28 Watch mconley livehack on Firefox Desktop bugs!

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Mozilla fixed a 14-year-old bug in Firefox, and now Adblock Plus uses a lot ... - VentureBeat

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Mozilla fixed a 14-year-old bug in Firefox, and now Adblock Plus uses a lot ...
Adblock Plus is Firefox's most popular add-on. According to Mozilla's add-ons site, it has over 20 million users. This memory issue was brought up in May 2014 by Mozilla and by Adblock Plus. But one of the bugs that caused the problem was actually ...

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Intro course to Web Apps development-part 1

Mozilla-NL nieuws - wo, 23/09/2015 - 17:43
Date: vrijdag, 9 oktober, 2015 - 08:30

This course is going to cover some historical, social and technical aspects around web application development and it aims to attract student interest towards the Mozilla manifesto and community.
It is the first part of two events aimed at Fontys University students.

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Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 41 For Web And Android: Here Are The New Features ... - Tech Times

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Tech Times

Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 41 For Web And Android: Here Are The New Features ...
Tech Times
Mozilla is out with a big update for both desktop and Android versions of its browser, which is now Firefox version 41. Aside from a ton of bug fixes on HTML5 and application programming interface (API), the major update also brought a couple of ...
Mozilla brings instant messaging via WebRTC in Firefox 41Inquirer
Mozilla Firefox 41.0 Lands in All Supported Ubuntu OSes, Users Urged to ...Softpedia News
Mozilla's latest Firefox browser comes with instant messaging, account profileFinancial Express -Ghacks Technology News
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Dan Minor: Beyond the Code 2015

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 16:37

Mozilla was kind enough to send me to the Beyond the Code 2015 in Ottawa today. When I went to PyCon back in April, the sessions I felt I got the most out of were the non-technical ones so this seemed like a fun and useful way to spend the day.

My favourite talk of the day was given by Kat Bautista on Drawing as a Way of Thinking which was a funny and insightful talk on using drawings as a means of visual note-taking both for yourself and in front of a whiteboard as a way of facilitating meetings. Not “draw me like one of your french girls” drawing but rather a visual, cartoony shorthand for capturing ideas.

Having suffered through overzealous project management from time to time (e.g. two project managers for five developers) I could relate to her description of Gantt Charts as a way of to avoid having meaningful discussions (“Look at the spreadsheets I can make!”) but I think sketches can also be used to obscure issues, people love pictures and can easily overlook a lack of substance behind them.

draw autoland

I had read a number of books and papers on sketching for design as part of a Software Usability course I took a few years ago so I had already been exposed to some of the ideas before but I still got a lot out of the talk. That usability course was for the most part disappointing, the focus was on doing studies to evaluate existing user interfaces with basically nothing at all on how one would go about creating such a thing in the first place.

As I mentioned, Mozilla also sent me to PyCon 2015 back in April. I was remiss in capturing my thoughts back then. After nearly six months what has stayed most with me was Pete Fein’s talk Free Software, Free People on his experiences with Telecomix, in particular, one slide, where he urged people to be active and work for causes they care about (whatever they may be.)


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Air Mozilla: Bugzilla Development Meeting

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 16:00

Bugzilla Development Meeting Help define, plan, design, and implement Bugzilla's future!

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Help Test Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox Beta

Mozilla Futurereleases - wo, 23/09/2015 - 14:56

Firefox Beta, with experimental new features like Tracking Protection in Private Browsing, is now available for testing. We’re always working to give users more choice and control over their Web experience and we have a hypothesis that users have a greater expectation of privacy when using Private Browsing. We’ve gotten feedback from some of our pre-beta users that supports this. Users reported that they believed Private Browsing was already protecting them from third-party tracking across the Internet.

We’re testing a feature in Private Browsing called Tracking Protection that blocks certain page elements. Most websites rely on many different “third-parties” — companies that are separate from the site you’re visiting — to provide analytics, social network buttons and display advertising. These third-parties sometimes include page elements that could record your browsing activity to create profiles about you across multiple sites and Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox Beta blocks some of these page elements.

No other mainstream browser’s private mode protects you from website tracking like the feature we’re testing. Firefox Private Browsing doesn’t store information about your browsing session locally when you close the window. Private Browsing with Tracking Protection goes further by limiting data that third parties receive from you while you are in Private Browsing mode.

We’re also experimenting with a new Control Center for Private Browsing in Firefox Beta that contains site security and privacy controls in a single place under the shield icon in your address bar.

How to Test Tracking Protection in Private Browsing

You can help us test Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox Beta on Android by following the instructions here or on Windows, Mac and Linux by following the steps below:

1. Click the menu buttonFx Menu
2. Click New Private Window icon to launch a Private Browsing session.


3. You will see a screen that confirms Tracking Protection is on.


4. Navigate to any website and browse as usual.

How to disable Tracking Protection for a specific site in Private Browsing

In some cases, Web pages might appear broken when elements that track behavior are blocked. You can choose to disable Tracking Protection in Private Browsing for a particular site using the Control Center by following the steps below:

1. Locate and click the shield icon on the left side of the URL bar.


2. The Control Center is then shown and identifies that Tracking Protection is blocking parts of the page.

3. Click the “Disable protection for this session” to turn off Tracking Protection.


We are still experimenting with these features in Private Browsing and we want your feedback as you test them. To share your experience of testing Private Browsing in Firefox Beta, please go to our feedback page.

More information:

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Gervase Markham: Competition: The Mozilla Manifesto Principles in Simple Words

Mozilla planet - wo, 23/09/2015 - 14:50

Randall Munroe of XKCD has written a whole book which explains things using only simple words. It’s called “Thing Explainer“. He’s also written a writing checker for people who want to write more things like that.

I am asking everyone to see if they can write the ten key points of the Mozilla Manifesto in a new way, saying the same things but using only simple words which his checker likes (like this writing that you are reading does).

You are allowed to use “Internet” even though it’s not a simple word, but if you find a way to not use “Internet”, that’s even better. You are also allowed to use “Mozilla” in the heading at the top, which will be “Mozilla Manifesto” but using only simple words.

It’s probably best if you put up your writing somewhere else on the Internet and then add some information here to say where it is. But if that’s a problem for you, you can put your writing here instead.

The person who makes the best writing will get something. I don’t know what yet. But making the best writing should make you happy anyway.

If you think this is a good and fun idea, then please tell everyone you know (in a nice way) so they can try as well.

I hope everything goes very well for you in this.

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Mozilla brings instant messaging via WebRTC in Firefox 41 - Inquirer

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Mozilla brings instant messaging via WebRTC in Firefox 41
MOZILLA HAS announced its latest release of the Firefox browser, which brings some new personalisation options as well as extra functionality to its instant messaging platform, Firefox Hello. Firefox 41 becomes the first browser to include instant ...
Mozilla Firefox 41.0 Lands in All Supported Ubuntu OSes, Users Urged to ...Softpedia News
Mozilla to improve Firefox's search interface in Firefox 43Ghacks Technology News
Mozilla's latest Firefox browser comes with instant messaging, account profileFinancial Express
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Mozilla Firefox zoptymalizowany dla Onet 32.0.1 - Komputer Świat

Nieuws verzameld via Google - wo, 23/09/2015 - 12:44

Komputer Świat

Mozilla Firefox zoptymalizowany dla Onet 32.0.1
Komputer Świat
Mozilla Firefox zoptymalizowany dla Onet to specjalna odmiana popularnej przeglądarki stron internetowych, która została przygotowana z myślą o osobach korzystających z polskiego portalu Aplikacja jest wyposażona w szereg dodatków, które ...

Google Nieuws
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