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Best 5 Mozilla Firefox Add-ons to Improve your Browsing Experience - CultureMob

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Best 5 Mozilla Firefox Add-ons to Improve your Browsing Experience
Mozilla Firefox is a very popular web browser and one thing that makes it such a great web browser is its extensibility that is almost infinite. There are literally hundreds of add-ons that can be downloaded for free and on each single day, new add-ons ...

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Mozilla veröffentlicht Firefox 38.0.1 für Android -

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Mozilla veröffentlicht Firefox 38.0.1 für Android
Mit dem Update auf Firefox 38.0.1 für Android behebt Mozilla eine mögliche Absturzursache bei Programmstart auf Geräten, bei denen Firefox keine Hardwarebeschleunigung unterstützt. Größere animierte Grafiken konnten unter Umständen nur ...

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Maar waarom zijn al die andere release data dan pas van rond de 15e op het internet en staat de modified data van betreffende mozilla directory dan op de 16e? Is iemand iets soortgelijks opgevallen met andere Mozilla releases op deze ftp pages?

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Emma Irwin: Towards a Participation Standard

Mozilla planet - sn, 16/05/2015 - 19:10

Participation at Mozilla is a personal journey, no story  the same, no path identical and while motivations may be similar at times,  what sustains and rewards our participation is unique. Knowing this, it feels slightly ridiculous to use the visual of a ladder to model the richness of opportunity and value/risk of ‘every step’.  The impression that there is a single starting point, a single end and a predictable series of rigid steps between seems contrary to the journey.

Yet… the ‘ladder’ to me has always seemed like the perfect way to visualize the potential of ‘starting’.  Even more importantly, I think ladders help people visualize how finishing a single step leads to greater things: greater impact, depth of learning and personal growth among other things.

After numerous conversations (inside and outside Mozilla) on this topic, I’ve come to realize that focus should be more on the rung or ‘step’, and not on building a rigid project-focused connection between them. In the spirit of our virtuous circle, I believe that being thoughtful  and deliberate about step design, lends to the emergence of personalized learning  and participating pathways. “Cowpaths of participation”.


In designing steps, we  also need to consider that not everyone needs to jump to a next thing, and that specializations and ‘depth’ exists in opportunities as well.  Here’s template I’m using to build participation steps right now:








* Realize I need to add ‘mentorship available’ as well.

This model (or an evolution of it) if adopted could provide a way for contributors to traverse between projects and grow valuable skillsets and experience for life with increasing impact to Mozilla’s mission.  For example, as a result of participating in the Marketpulse project I find my ‘place’ in User Research, I can also look for steps across the project in need of that skill, or offering ways to specialize even further.  A Python developer perhaps,  can look for QA ‘steps’  after realizing the most enjoyable part of one project ladder was actually the QA process.

I  created a set of Participation Personas to help me visualize the people we’re engaging, and what their  unique perspectives, opportunities and risks are.  I’m building these on the ‘side of my desk’ so only Lurking Lucinda has a full bio at the moment, but you can see all profiles in this document (feel free to add comments).

I believe all of this thinking, and design have helped me build a compelling and engaging ladder for  Marketpulse, where one of our goals is to sustain project-connection through learning opportunities.


In reality though, while this can help us design for single projects – really well,  to actually support personalized ladders we need adoption across the project.  At some point we just need to get together on standards that help us scale participation – a “Participation Standard” .

Last year I spent a lot of time working with a number of other open projects, trying to solve for a lot of these same participation challenges present in Mozilla.   And so,  I also dream of that something like this can empowers other projects in a similar way: where  personalized learning and participating pathways can extend between Mozilla and other projects with missions people care about.  Perhaps this is something Mark can consider in thinking for the ‘Building a Mozilla Academy‘.

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Mozilla Pushes Web Sites To Adopt Encryption - Top Tech News

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Mozilla Pushes Web Sites To Adopt Encryption
Top Tech News
The organization behind the Firefox Web browser wants to see Web site encryption become standard practice, and it has laid out a two-part plan to help that happen. Mozilla said it plans to set a date by which all new features for its browser will be ...

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Mozilla-backed Rust language stabilizes at version 1.0 - Ars Technica (registration) (blog)

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Mozilla-backed Rust language stabilizes at version 1.0
Ars Technica (registration) (blog)
New programming languages come and go. Most of them remain nothing more than academic toys or niche novelties. Rust, development of which is sponsored by Mozilla, might be one of the exceptions. The new language reached the 1.0 milestone today, ...

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Mozilla anuncia primeira SmartTV com Firefox OS - Tribuna Hoje

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Tribuna Hoje

Mozilla anuncia primeira SmartTV com Firefox OS
Tribuna Hoje
Em parceria com a Panasonic, a Mozilla anunciou a primeira SmartTV com o sistema operacional Firefox OS do mercado. Ela já está disponível na Europa e deve chegar ao mundo todo nos próximos meses. Com a Panasonic VIERA otimizada pelo HTML5, ...
Panasonic e Mozilla lançam primeira SmartTV com Firefox OSMundo do Marketing
Mozilla leva Firefox para TV inteligente da PanasonicIT Forum 365
Mozilla fecha parceria com Panasonic e anuncia smartTV com Firefox OScanaltech (Blogue)
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Air Mozilla: Rust Release Party

Mozilla planet - sn, 16/05/2015 - 02:00

Rust Release Party The release party for Rust 1.0.

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Air Mozilla: Webdev Beer and Tell: May 2015

Mozilla planet - fr, 15/05/2015 - 23:00

 May 2015 Once a month web developers across the Mozilla community get together (in person and virtually) to share what cool stuff we've been working on in...

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Armen Zambrano: mozci 0.6.0 - Trigger based on Treeherder filters, Windows support, flexible and encrypted password managament

Mozilla planet - fr, 15/05/2015 - 22:13
In this release of mozci we have a lot of developer facing improvements like Windows support or flexibility on password management.
We also have our latest experimental script mozci-triggerbyfilters (

How to updateRun "pip install -U mozci" to update.

NoticeWe have move all scripts from scripts/ to mozci/scripts/.
Note that you can now use "pip install" and have all scripts available as mozci-name_of_script_here in your PATH.

ContributionsWe want to welcome @KWierso as our latest contributor!
Our gratitude @Gijs for reporting the Windows issues and for all his feedback.
Congratulations to @parkouss for making the first project using mozci as its dependency.
In this release we had @adusca and @vaibhavmagarwal as our main and very active contributors.

Major highlights
  • Added script to trigger jobs based on Treeherder filters
    • This allows using filters like --include "web-platform-tests" and that will trigger all matching builders
    • You can also use --exclude to exclude builders you don't want
  • With the new trigger by filters script you can preview what will be triggered:
233 jobs will be triggered, do you wish to continue? y/n/d (d=show details) d
05/15/2015 02:58:17 INFO: The following jobs will be triggered:
Android 4.0 armv7 API 11+ try opt test mochitest-1
Android 4.0 armv7 API 11+ try opt test mochitest-2
  • Remove storing passwords in plain-text (Sorry!)
    • We now prompt the user if he/she wants to store their password enctrypted
  • When you use "pip install" we will also install the main scripts as mozci-name_of_script_here binaries
    • This makes it easier to use the binaries in any location
  • Windows issues
    • The python module is uncapable of decompressing large binaries
    • Do not store buildjson on a temp file and then move

Minor improvements
  • Updated docs
  • Improve wording when triggering a build instead of a test job
  • Loosened up the python requirements from == to >=
  • Added filters to

All changesYou can see all changes in here:
0.5.0...0.6.0Creative Commons License
This work by Zambrano Gasparnian, Armen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
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Mozilla kondigt 1.0-versie van Rust-programmeertaal aan - Tweakers

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Mozilla kondigt 1.0-versie van Rust-programmeertaal aan
Mozilla Research heeft vrijdag de eerste stable release van Rust vrijgegeven. Deze recentste release van de programmeertaal betekent dat het ontwikkelteam de bestaande bibliotheek niet meer gaat veranderen. Dit betekent overigens niet dat de taal 'af' is.

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Mozilla adds Suggested Sites feature to New Tab Page - Ghacks Technology News

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Ghacks Technology News

Mozilla adds Suggested Sites feature to New Tab Page
Ghacks Technology News
Mozilla pushed out a New Tab feature with today's Firefox Nightly update that introduces Suggested Sites on the page. If you are running the most recent version of Firefox Nightly, the cutting edge version of the Firefox browser that receives all ...
Mozilla releases Firefox 38 with critical security updatesSC Magazine UK
Firefox Update: Firefox 38 Now With Ruby Annotation, DRM Technology for ...Christianity Daily
Three Handy Uses for Chrome Beyond Web BrowsingGizmodo
Softpedia News -Android Community
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Mozilla: If Facebook Really Wants To Help Developing Nations, It Should Ignore ... - Techdirt (blog)

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Mozilla: If Facebook Really Wants To Help Developing Nations, It Should Ignore ...
Techdirt (blog)
Mozilla recently decided to jump into the conversation with a series of blog posts offering a much more intelligent, nuanced take on the problem with zero rated apps. In one post, Mozilla notes how if you let Facebook create a new definition of the ...

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Joel Maher: Watching the watcher – Some data on the Talos alerts we generate

Mozilla planet - fr, 15/05/2015 - 14:40

What are the performance regressions at Mozilla- who monitors them and what kind of regressions do we see?  I want to answer this question with a few peeks at the data.  There are plenty of previous blog posts I have done outlining stats, trends, and the process.  Lets recap what we do briefly, then look at the breakdown of alerts (not necessarily bugs).

When Talos uploads numbers to graph server they get stored and eventually run through a calculation loop to find regressions and improvements.  As of Jan 1, 2015, we upload these to as well as email to the offending patch author (if they can easily be identified).  There are a couple folks (performance sheriffs) who look at the alerts and triage them.  If necessary a bug is filed for further investigation.  Reading this brief recap of what happens to our performance numbers probably doesn’t inspire folks, what is interesting is looking at the actual data we have.

Lets start with some basic facts about alerts in the last 12 months:

  • We have collected 8232 alerts!
  • 4213 of those alerts are regressions (the rest are improvements)
  • 3780 of those above alerts have a manually marked status
    • the rest have been programatically marked as merged and associated with the original
  • 278 bugs have been filed (or 17 alerts/bug)
    • 89 fixed!
    • 61 open!
    • 128 (5 invalid, 8 duplicate, 115 wontfix/worksforme)

As you can see this is not a casual hobby, it is a real system helping out in fixing and understanding hundreds of performance issues.

We generate alerts on a variety of branches, here is the breakdown of branches and alerts/branch;

number of regression alerts we have received per branch

number of regression alerts we have received per branch

There are a few things to keep in mind here, mobile/mozilla-central/Firefox are the same branch, and for non-pgo branches that is only linux/windows/android, not osx. 

Looking at that graph is sort of non inspiring, most of the alerts will land on fx-team and mozilla-inbound, then show up on the other branches as we merge code.  We run more tests/platforms and land/backout stuff more frequently on mozilla-inbound and fx-team, this is why we have a larger number of alerts.

Given the fact we have so many alerts and have manually triaged them, what state the the alerts end up in?

Current state of alerts

Current state of alerts

The interesting data point here is that 43% of our alerts are duplicates.  A few reasons for this:

  • we see an alert on non-pgo, then on pgo (we usually mark the pgo ones as duplicates)
  • we see an alert on mozilla-inbound, then the same alert shows up on fx-team,b2g-inbound,firefox (due to merging)
    • and then later we see the pgo versions on the merged branches
  • sometimes we retrigger or backfill to find the root cause, this generates a new alert many times
  • in a few cases we have landed/backed out/landed a patch and we end up with duplicate sets of alerts

The last piece of information that I would like to share is the break down of alerts per test:

Alerts per test

number of alerts per test (some excluded)

There are a few outliers, but we need to keep in mind that active work was being done in certain areas which would explain a lot of alerts for a given test.  There are 35 different test types which wouldn’t look good in an image, so I have excluded retired tests, counters, startup tests, and android tests.

Personally, I am looking forward to the next year as we transition some tools and do some hacking on the reporting, alert generation and overall process.  Thanks for reading!

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Mozilla Reps Community: Reps Weekly Call – May 14th 2015

Mozilla planet - fr, 15/05/2015 - 14:30

Last Thursday we had our weekly call about the Reps program, where we talk about what’s going on in the program and what Reps have been doing during the last week.


  • Advocacy Task force
  • Featured Events
  • Council elections results.
  • Help me with my project.
AirMozilla video

Detailed notes Advocacy Task force

Stacy and Jochai joined the call to hear Reps feedback on two new initiatives: Request for Policy Support & Advocacy Task Forces.

Request for Policy Support

The goal is to enable mozillians to request support for policy in their local countries. Mozillians will be able to collaborate with a Mozilla Rep to submit an issue which is reviewed and acted upon by public policy team.

Prior to rollout, they will develop training for Mozilla Reps.

Advocacy task force

These task forces will be self organized local groups focused on Educating people about open Web issues and Organizing action on regional political issues.

The members will partner with a Mozilla Rep and communicate using the Advocacy Discourse.

You can check the full presentation and send any feedback to and

Featured Events of the week

In this new section we want to talk about some of the events happening this week.

Council elections results

Council elections are over and we have just received the results.

Three seats had to be renewed so the next new council members will be:

On-boarding process will start now and they should be fully integrated in the Council in the coming weeks. More announcements about this will be done in all Rep’s channels.

Help me with my project!

In this new section, the floor is yours to present in 1 minute a project you are working on and ask other Reps for help and support.

If you can’t make the call, you can add your project and a link with more information and we’ll read it for you during the call.

In this occasion we talked about:

  • FSA WoMoz recruitment campaign – Manuela
    • She needs feedback on the project.
  • Mozilla Festival East Africa – Lawrence
    • They need help promoting and getting partners.
  • Marketpulse – Emma
    • She needs help with outreach in Brazil, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Russia, Colombia

More details in the pad.

For next week

Next week Greg will be on this call to talk about Shape of the web project. Please, check the presentation on air mozilla (starting at min. 15), the site and gather all questions you might have.

Amira and the webmaker team will be also next week on the call, check her email on reps-general and gather questions too.

Full raw notes.

Don’t forget to comment about this call on Discourse and we hope to see you next week!

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Mozilla: Smart-TVs von Panasonic mit Firefox-OS erhältlich -

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Mozilla: Smart-TVs von Panasonic mit Firefox-OS erhältlich
Das Unternehmen Panasonic kooperiert offiziell seit Anfang 2014 mit Mozilla, um Geräte mit Firefox OS zu erstellen. Das Betriebssystem setzt vollkommen auf Webtechniken, so dass sämtliche Anwendungen für die Smart-TVs mit modernem HTML5 sowie ...
Panasonic: Erste Smart-TVs mit Firefox OS vorgestelltTweakPC

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Robert O'Callahan: Using rr To Debug Dropped Video Frames In Gecko

Mozilla planet - fr, 15/05/2015 - 11:45

Lately I've been working on a project to make video rendering smoother in Firefox, by sending our entire queue of decoded timestamped frames to the compositor and making the compositor responsible for choosing the correct video frame to display every time we composite the window. I've been running a testcase with a 60fps video, which should draw each video frame exactly once, with logging to show when that isn't the case (i.e. we dropped or duplicated a frame). rr is excellent for debugging such problems! It's low overhead so it doesn't change the results much. After recording a run, I examine the log to identify dropped or dup'ed frames, and then it's easy to use rr to replay the execution and figure out exactly why each frame was dropped or dup'ed. Using a regular interactive debugger to debug such issues is nigh-impossible since stopping the application in the debugger totally messes up the timing --- and you don't know which frame is going to have a problem, so you don't know when to stop anyway.

I've been using rr on optimized Firefox builds because debug builds are too slow for this work, and it turns out rr with reverse execution really helps debugging optimized code. One of the downsides of debugging optimized code is the dreaded "Value optimized out" errors you often get trying to print values in gdb. When that happens under rr, you can nearly always find the correct value by doing "reverse-step" or "reverse-next" until you reach a program point where the variable wasn't optimized out.

I've found it's taking me some time to learn to use reverse execution effectively. Finding the fastest way to debug a problem is a challenge, because reverse execution makes new and much more effective strategies available that I'm not used to having. For example, several times I've found myself exploring the control flow of a function invocation by running (forwards or backwards) to the start of a function and then stepping forwards from there, because that's how I'm used to working, when it would be more effective to set a breakpoint inside the function and then reverse-next a few times to see how we got there.

But even though I'm still learning, debugging is much more fun now!

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Mozilla releases Firefox 38 with critical security updates - SC Magazine UK

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Lifehacker Australia

Mozilla releases Firefox 38 with critical security updates
SC Magazine UK
This week Mozilla released an updated version of its open-source web browser, Firefox 38, following quickly behind the March release of Firefox 37. The new browser incorporates thirteen security updates, five of which are considered “critical,” as well ...
New Firefox Beta Brings Better Hello and Pocket IntegrationSoftpedia News
Firefox 38: new UI, Lollipop support, Ruby annotationAndroid Community

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Mozilla rüstet Firefox 38.0.1 mit Kopierschutz aus - T-Online

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Mozilla rüstet Firefox 38.0.1 mit Kopierschutz aus
Mozilla hat den neuen Firefox veröffentlicht. Version 38.0.1 für Windows, Linux und Mac OS X stopft unter anderem 13 teils kritische Sicherheitslücken und bügelt einen Fehler bei Video-Streams aus. Auch überrascht der beliebte Browser mit einer ...
Mozilla veröffentlicht Bugfix-Release Firefox
Neuerungen und Download – Firefox 38 im Praxis-CheckDIE WELT
Firefox 38 mit DRM: Mozilla beugt sich zähneknirschend der RealitätWinFuture -PC-Welt
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Pascal Finette: An Open Letter to Fast Company: Drop the Sexism

Mozilla planet - fr, 15/05/2015 - 09:00

Dear Chris Gayomali, Dear Fast Company-Team,

I am extremely disappointed seeing you, a publication which self-proclaims to "inspire a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business", perpetuating a view of the world and fellow entrepreneurs which is sexist and one-dimensional.

Your recent article on Birch Box, the phenomenally successful ecommerce startup founded by Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna starts out with the following sentence:

"Birchbox’s co–CEO, wearing a dark monochrome dress that provides an understated canvas for her impeccable jewelry game [...]"

Reducing Katia to her "impeccable jewelry game" is offensive and sexist. I am sure you would never start out an article about a male founder with a statement about his "impeccable tie game".

Writing this as a white male - it offends me that you (and many of your colleagues) reduce my women entrepreneur colleagues to their choice of fashion instead of their incredible achievements.

Please live up to your motto and see people for what they do - not their gender, ethnicity or any other superficial distinction.

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