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Justin Wood: I’m a wordpress newbie

ma, 10/11/2014 - 06:18

If this is on, and so is a “content is password protected” post below it, I’m sorry.

The post is merely that way because its unfinished but I wanted to share it with a few others for early feedback.

I’ll delete this post, and unhide that one once things are ready. (Sorry for any confusion)

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Asa Dotzler: Ten Years Ago

ma, 10/11/2014 - 06:01

Ten years ago, tonight, this is what I was working on.

Join us in celebrating the launch of Mozilla Firefox 1.0. Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9, from 2-7pm PST (that’s 22:00-03:00 GMT), we will be hosting AIR MOZILLA live from the Mozilla Foundation HQ, a 5 hour web event, including a live webcast and text chat. The show will feature interviews and discussions with key Mozilla staff. Questions from the audience (including the media) from the chat room will be fed into the show. The event will be hosted here at You’ll need QuickTime for the audio streaming. We’ll also use both IRC and a web-based text chat solution.

2-7pm PST, 22:00-03:00 GMT. That’s 22:00-03:00 on Tuesday night in Germany. In Japan, that’s 07:00-12:00 Wednesday morning.

Here at If Spread Firefox gets overwhelmed by the high traffic, head on over to

Live webcast + text chat with key Mozilla people.

Yep, not only is it the 10 year anniversary of Firefox, it’s also 10 years since the inaugural Air Mozilla “broadcast”.

We’ve come a long way. So much more still to do :D

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Benjamin Kerensa: Happy 10th Birthday Firefox!

ma, 10/11/2014 - 05:14
Today is an important day because today we celebrate a decade of Firefox. Yep, that’s right. Firefox 1.0 was released 10 years ago today. I can’t imagine what the Internet would be like today if Firefox had not existed for the past decade, but I can imagine what the future of Firefox looks like and […]
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Soledad Penades: Firefox OS Bug Squash party

zo, 09/11/2014 - 22:17

Oh hey, here’s another belated post from Sole! But at least it didn’t take me a full whole year to write ^_^

We hosted the first ever Firefox OS Bug Squash Party at Mozilla London (also known as MozLDN) last week, thanks to the initiative of Francisco and Guillaume that mostly brainstormed it all with support from Valentin Schmitt.


Francisco asked me on Friday to intro the event, and run through the basic security guidelines etc as I had done that before for other events that I had hosted at MozLDN (like ladieswhocode).

That was a great opportunity to show GIFs so I accepted enthusiastically!

Since this was going to be a somewhat long event we wanted to make sure no one misbehaved, so I made it VERY CLEAR what was right and what was wrong. I not only mentioned we had a code of conduct but also read it aloud (as it was reasonably short) and gave very explicit examples of “what NOT to do”. Then I also added it to the top of the etherpad we were using to coordinate and share content, so that even late comers could be aware of the “house rules”.

I’m particularly happy with how the code of conduct ended up looking so here is it—feel free to copy and use it in your own events:

Don’t be a jerk

This is a safe space
We’re here to learn and help each other

– Feel free to ask any questions
– No question is too silly
– Respect other people’s questions
– Respect other people’s background
– Don’t make assumptions—always ask
– If someone asks you to stop doing something… stop doing it!

NOT acceptable
– Sexist, racist, offensive comments/jokes/imagery
– Harassment of ANY kind

We’re building a community together
Good communities are made of diverse people

– Developers
– Designers
– Testers
– Users
– Fans!

Anyone violating these rules will be sanctioned or expelled at our discretion

Health and Safety rules and MozLDN general “don’t be gross and clean after yourself” rules were a bit more boring so if you want to look at them just look at the slides! (code for the slides).

After going through the schedule it was time for Francisco’s epic Setting up the development environment session which was a good challenge for the WiFi network (Gaia is a huge project) and for those of us not familiar with Windows computers. Argh! (details are left to the imagination of the reader).

.@mepartoconmigo explaining how to set up your development environment for Firefox OS

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 1, 2014

Despite that we got pretty much everyone set up and ready to go just in time for lunch, so we decided to stop for lunch and continue afterwards with Guillaume’s session on how to run and debug Firefox OS apps using WebIDE.

And WebIDE shows up… Finally! with @g_marty on the"decks" ;-) @MozLDN Firefox os bug squash party

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 1, 2014

Wilson was also around and he brought this weird device hacked to be able to “DIY Dual SIM”:

DIY dual SIM phone

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 1, 2014

(I think it was a Cloud FX phone?)

Also about that time Wilson got in touch with Leo, another Mozillian, who knew how to operate the A/V equipment and between my limited knowledge and Leo’s remote wisdom we managed to connect to the Mozilla Paris office, who were holding a similar event at the same time!

We can see @MozillaParis in our big screen! Hiiii from @MozLDN!

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 1, 2014

Our space seemed a tad busier than theirs (we had ~35 people I think), so we joked a bit about that, but despite Paris having less people they ended up submitting more patches, teeheehee! So Dietrich named this Firefox OS Co-opetition! But I’m anticipating events…

The rest of Saturday was spent getting familiar with Gaia code, squashing more bugs, etc. At some point the first patches were ready, and Francisco took to the stage again to show how the process for code reviewing a patch worked, also how to run tests, ensure the patch actually fixes what it is meant to fix, etc.

We got some patches already! @mepartoconmigo makes a live code review @MozLDN

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 1, 2014

There was pizza a bit after that, and everyone was done for the day.


We weren’t too sure as to how many people would show up on Sunday but we still got a sizeable amount of attendees! There were more patches sent and bugs squashed. And also two presentations:

Marcia Knous explained how the QA process worked:

Marcia AKA @MozCommunity is going to talk about Firefox OS QA

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 2, 2014

And Zac spoke about automated tests:

Zac explaining automation in testing Firefox OS @MozLDN

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 2, 2014

This slide was really cool: Best practices for reporting Firefox OS bugs!

Bugzilla Firefox os best practises for reporting bugs! @MozLDN

— GIF comedian (@supersole) November 2, 2014

Transcribing it for easier referencing:

Bugzilla Best Practices

Typically included in a Bug report:
– Build ID and Base version used
– ADB Logcat while issue has been reproduced
– Video of the issue if it helps illustrate the problem
– Screenshot of the issue if it helps illustrate the problem
– Is the issue 100% reproducible?

We didn’t stay that late as on Saturday. At the end of the day we compared both dashboards–Paris and London:

Paris London Bugzilla Open bugs 11 13 Patches 18 12 Comments 24 35 Review Requests 15 8 Added to CC 11 16 GitHub Pull requests 6 11 Issues 0 1 Forks 2 4 Other 58 12 Conclusions

For being our first Bug Squash Party, it went way smoother than we expected! It was a really nice continuation to MozFest–there were at least two attendees who joined the party because they had got a Flame at MozFest.

Setting up the dev environment was the longest part and it was a bit of a tedious bore–I wonder what can be done to simplify that–, but once that part was done, it was quite easy for people to get started since they were web developers already.

My personal opinion is that the explicitness with the Code of Conduct worked quite well, and I can say this with confidence because pretty much everyone behaved really well and respectfully, whereas some people that came afterwards and hadn’t been through our house rules behaved in ways that could have been “better”. From being politer with us to treating the rest of attendees with a bit more of respect.

We were also thinking that perhaps we should not let latecomers in, as they made us stop and start from the beginning to bring them up to speed, this being more of a workshop than a conference.

Finally, I’m sad to report that two of the test phones that we generously lent to attendees went missing. Maybe we’ll have to be less generous and trusting and ask for a proof of ID to be left with us in exchange for testing hardware. I would like to stress the point that these phones are work tools and stealing them prevents people from doing their work, and you should feel super bad for doing so, whomever you were.

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John O'Duinn: “We are ALL Remoties” (Nov2014 edition)

zo, 09/11/2014 - 21:39

Its been a while since I last blogged about “remoties”, but it continues to be a very popular topic! In addition to Twilio in February, I’ve given presentations at Automattic (best known for WordPress), RiotGames (twice) and Haas, UCBerkeley (twice), as well as smaller private discussions with several other companies.

You can get the slides in PDF format by clicking on the thumbnail of the first slide. (I’m happy to share the original very large keynote file, just let me know and we’ll figure out a way to share without hammering my poor website.)

Remoties are clearly something that people care deeply about. Geo-distributed teams are becoming more commonplace, and yet the challenges continue to be very real. The interest before each presentation is cautiously high, while the Q+A discussions during/afterwards are very engaged and lively. Every time, I find myself tweaking, honing and refining the presentation again and again… yet, the core principles remain the same:

  • remoties / geo-distributed teams can be very effective, and can be sustained over time.
  • remoties != compromise. In fact, a geo-distributed team means you can hire best-available, not “just” best-willing-to-relocate.
  • easy to use, cheap, technologies work just fine if used correctly (maybe even better then expensive systems?)
  • crisp, careful organization of human processes is essential
  • in a geo-distributed team, *everyone* is a remotie, even people who happen to sit in an office. If you are remote from someone else, that makes you *both* remoties. Hence the working title “we are ALL remoties”.

Given how this topic impacts people’s jobs, and their lives, I’m not surprised by the passionate responses, and each time, the lively discussions encourage me to keep talking about this. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or good/bad stories about working in a remote or geo-distributed teams, please let me know – I’d love to hear them.


ps: I noticed in my website logs that a lot of people were still downloading my original remoties slides, first posted in apr2012, even though I’d posted multiple revisions of the slides since. So, I’ve gone back and updated my earlier “remoties” blog posts to all point to these latest-and-greatest slides.

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fantasai: Creating a Paid Contributor Agreement for Mozilla

zo, 09/11/2014 - 18:00
David Boswell wants to create a Volunteer Agreement for Mozilla. I propose creating a Non-Volunteer Agreement for Mozilla.
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fantasai: Recipe for a Minimum Viable Kitchen

zo, 09/11/2014 - 18:00
How little can one pack and still have a fully-functional chef´s kitchen?
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fantasai: On Brendan Eich and the Separation of Concerns

zo, 09/11/2014 - 18:00
A summary of the most informed writing on the Brendan Eich controversy, and some perspective from my 15 years as a Mozillan.
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fantasai: TAG Election Endorsements 2012

zo, 09/11/2014 - 18:00
Thoughts on the upcoming TAG election of 2012.
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