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Michael Kaply: Firefox 24 ESR EOL

do, 09/10/2014 - 15:45

I just want to take a moment to remind everyone that the Firefox 24 ESR will be officially replaced by the Firefox 31 ESR this coming Tuesday, October 14, 2014. At that time, the Firefox 24 ESR will be unsupported. Firefox 24 ESR users will be automatically upgraded to the Firefox 31 ESR.

I would hope by now everyone has tested with the Firefox 31 ESR, but if you haven't, it might be time to start.

The CCK2 has been fully updated to work with Firefox 31 and beyond.

On another note, there are major packaging changes coming to Firefox on Mac due to changes to the way applications are signed. You can read more about it in this bug. This will primarily impact the locations of autoconfig files, preferences and the distribution directory. I'll try to find some time soon to document these changes.

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Mozilla Release Management Team: Firefox 33 beta9 to RC

do, 09/10/2014 - 13:58

  • 13 changesets
  • 30 files changed
  • 215 insertions
  • 157 deletions

ExtensionOccurrences cpp6 h4 ini2 sh1 nsh1 mm1 html1 hgtags1

ModuleOccurrences mobile12 content5 browser4 gfx3 widget2 toolkit1 testing1 js1

List of changesets:

JW WangBug 994292 - Call SpecialPowers.pushPermissions() to ensure permission change is completed before continuing the rest of the tests. r=baku, a=test-only - 16bd77984527 Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1025040 - Disable on Windows for frequent failures. a=test-only - 3d1029947008 J. Ryan StinnettBug 989168 - Disable browser_manifest_editor. r=jryans, a=test-only - 7fefb97d2f75 Jim MathiesBug 1068189 - Force disable browser.tabs.remote.autostart in non-nightly builds. r=felipe, a=sledru - 5217e39df54c Jim MathiesBug 1068189 - Take into account 'layers.offmainthreadcomposition.testing.enabled' settings when disabling remote tabs. r=billm, a=sledru - 7b2887bd78a0 Randell JesupBug 1077274: Clean up tracklists r=jib a=dveditz - f0253d7268bb Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) Bug 942411 - Use SpecialPowers.pushPermissions to make sure the permission is set before test run. r=smaug, a=test-only - bbf1c4e2ddce Brian BondyBug 1049521 - Only register for types when there is no default in either of HKLM or HKCU and fix users affected by bad file associations. r=rstrong, a=sledru - d126cd83b4b8 Jon CoppeardBug 1061214. r=terrence, a=sledru - bbc35ec2c90e Nicolas SilvaBug 1074378 - Blocklist driver Intel GMAX4500HD v 8,15,10,1749. r=Bas, a=sledru - e8360a0c7d74 Ralph GilesBug 772347 - Back out MacOS X video wakelock. a=sledru - df37248fafcb Nicolas SilvaBug 1076825 - Don't crash release builds if allocating the buffer on white failed in RotatedBuffer.cpp. r=Bas, a=sledru - d89ec5b69c01 Nicolas SilvaBug 1044975 - Don't crash if mapping D3D11 shader constant buffers fails. r=Bas a=sledru - 9bf2a5b5162d

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Doug Belshaw: Survey: 5 proposals for Web Literacy Map 2.0

do, 09/10/2014 - 11:13

We’re currently working on a v2.0 of Mozilla’s Web Literacy Map. From the 38 interviews with stakeholders and community members I’ve identified 21 emerging themes for Web Literacy Map 2.0 as well as some ideas for Webmaker. The canonical home for everything relating to this update can now be found on the Mozilla wiki.

Cat with tail

While there are some decisions that need to be made by paid contributors / staff (e.g. design, combining competencies, wording of skills) there are some that should be made by the wider community. I’ve come up with five proposals in this survey:

The five proposals are:

  1. I believe the Web Literacy Map should explicitly reference the Mozilla manifesto.
  2. I believe the three strands should be renamed ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Participating’.
  3. I believe the Web Literacy Map should look more like a ‘map’.
  4. I believe that concepts such as ‘Mobile’, ‘Identity’, and ‘Protecting’ should be represented as cross-cutting themes in the Web Literacy Map.
  5. I believe a ‘remix’ button should allow me to remix the Web Literacy Map for my community and context.

Please do take the time to fill in the survey. Any meta feedback should go to @dajbelshaw /

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Daniel Stenberg: Coverity scan defect density: 0.00

do, 09/10/2014 - 09:14

A couple of days ago I decided to stop slacking and grab this long dangling item in my TODO list: run the coverity scan on a recent curl build again.

Among the static analyzers, coverity does in fact stand out as the very best one I can use. We run clang-analyzer against curl every night and it hasn’t report any problems at all in a while. This time I got almost 50 new issues reported by Coverity.

To put it shortly, a little less than half of them were issues done on purpose: for example we got several reports on ignored return codes we really don’t care about and there were several reports on dead code for code that are conditionally built on other platforms than the one I used to do this with.

But there were a whole range of legitimate issues. Nothing really major popped up but a range of tiny flaws that were good to polish away and smooth out. Clearly this is an exercise worth repeating every now and then.

End result

21 new curl commits that mention Coverity. Coverity now says “defect density: 0.00” for curl and libcurl since it doesn’t report any more flaws. (That’s the number of flaws found per thousand lines of source code.)

Want to see?

I can’t seem to make all the issues publicly accessible, but if you do want to check them out in person just click over to the curl project page at coverity and “request more access” and I’ll grant you view access, no questions asked.

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