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Mozilla Addons Blog: Add-ons Update – Week of 2015/05/20

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 23:10

I post these updates every 3 weeks to inform add-on developers about the status of the review queues, add-on compatibility, and other happenings in the add-ons world.

The Review Queues
  • Most nominations for full review are taking less than 10 weeks to review.
  • 194 nominations in the queue awaiting review.
  • Most updates are being reviewed within 6 weeks.
  • 112 updates in the queue awaiting review.
  • Most preliminary reviews are being reviewed within 9 weeks.
  • 222 preliminary review submissions in the queue awaiting review.

If you’re an add-on developer and would like to see add-ons reviewed faster, please consider joining us. Add-on reviewers get invited to Mozilla events and earn cool gear with their work. Visit our wiki page for more information.

Firefox 38 Compatibility

The Firefox 38 compatibility blog post is up. The automatic AMO validation was already run. There’s a second blog post covering the upcoming 38.0.5 release and in-content preferences, which were an oversight in the first post.

Firefox 39 Compatibility

The Firefox 39 compatibility blog post is up. I don’t know when the compatibility validation will be run yet.

As always, we recommend that you test your add-ons on Beta and Firefox Developer Edition (formerly known as Aurora) to make sure that they continue to work correctly. End users can install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter to identify and report any add-ons that aren’t working anymore.

Extension Signing

We announced that we will require extensions to be signed in order for them to continue to work in release and beta versions of Firefox. A followup post was published recently, addressing some of the reasons behind this initiative.

A couple notable things are happening related to signing:

  • Signing will be enabled for AMO-listed add-ons. This means that new versions will be automatically signed, and the latest versions of all listed add-ons will also be signed. Expect this to happen within a week or so (developers will be emailed when this happens). Signing for unlisted (non-AMO) add-ons is still not enabled.
  • The signature verification code is now active on Developer Edition, in case you want to try it out with unsigned extensions. The preference is set to warn about unsigned extensions, but still accept and install them. You can use Developer Edition to test your extensions after we let you know they’ve been signed.
  • A new Developer Agreement will be published on AMO. This is a significant update over the current years-old agreement, covering signing, listed and unlisted add-ons, themes, and other developments that have happened since. Developers will be notified when the new agreement is up.

Electrolysis, also known as e10s, is the next major compatibility change coming to Firefox. In a nutshell, Firefox will run on multiple processes now, running each content tab in a different one. This should improve responsiveness and overall stability, but it also means many add-ons will need to be updated to support this.

We will be talking more about these changes in this blog in the future. For now we recommend you start looking at the available documentation.

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Jim Chen: Post Fennec logs to Pastebin with LogView add-on

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 21:46

The LogView add-on for Fennec now lets you copy the logcat to clipboard or post the logcat to Simply go to the about:logs page from Menu → Tools → Logs and tap on “Copy” or “Pastebin”. This feature is very useful if you encounter a bug and need the logs, but you are not next to a computer or don't have the Android SDK installed.

Copy to clipboard Posting to Pastebin Posted to Pastebin

Last modified: 2015/05/20 15:49

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Появилось обновление Mozilla Thunderbird для Linux - 3DNews

Nieuws verzameld via Google - wo, 20/05/2015 - 20:27


Появилось обновление Mozilla Thunderbird для Linux
Ни для кого не секрет, что приставка Mozilla в имени продукта сейчас вовсе не говорит о причастности к релизу разработчика известного веб-браузера, а лишь напоминает об истоках возникновения приложения. Компания уже довольно давно ...

Google Nieuws
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Air Mozilla: Product Coordination Meeting

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 20:00

Product Coordination Meeting Duration: 10 minutes This is a weekly status meeting, every Wednesday, that helps coordinate the shipping of our products (across 4 release channels) in order...

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Air Mozilla: The Joy of Coding (mconley livehacks on Firefox) - Episode 15

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 19:00

The Joy of Coding (mconley livehacks on Firefox) - Episode 15 Watch mconley livehack on Firefox Desktop bugs!

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Rust 1.0, the programming language behind Mozilla's new Web engine Servo, is ... - ExtremeTech

Nieuws verzameld via Google - wo, 20/05/2015 - 16:05


Rust 1.0, the programming language behind Mozilla's new Web engine Servo, is ...
But what separates the open-source and openly developed Rust 1.0 is that Mozilla chose and backed it for building the company's crazy-fast new Web browsing engine, Servo. Here, from a working developer's point of view, I'll explain the characteristics ...

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Joel Maher: re-triggering for a [root] cause – version 1.57

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 15:41

Last week I wrote some notes about re-triggering jobs to find a root cause.  This week I decided to look at the orange factor email of the top 10 bugs and see how I could help.  Looking at each of the 10 bugs, I had 3 worth investigating and 7 I ignored.


  • Bug 1163911 – test_viewport_resize.html – new test which was added 15 revisions back from the first instance in the bug.  The sheriffs had already worked to get this test disabled prior to my results coming in!
  • Bug 1081925 – browser_popup_blocker.js – previous test in the directory was modified to work in e10s 4 revisions back from the first instance reported in the bug, causing this to fail
  • Bug 1118277 – browser_popup_blocker.js (different symptom, same test pattern and root cause as bug 1081925)


  • Bug 1073442 – Intermittent command timed out; might not be code related and >30 days of history.
  • Bug 1096302 – test_collapse.html | Test timed out. >30 days of history.
  • Bug 1151786 – testOfflinePage. >30 days of history. (and a patch exists).
  • Bug 1145199 – browser_referrer_open_link_in_private.js. >30 days of history.
  • Bug 1073761 – test_value_storage.html. >30 days of history.
  • Bug 1161537 – test_dev_mode_activity.html. resolved (a result from the previous bisection experiment).
  • Bug 1153454 – browser_tabfocus.js. >30 days of history.

Looking at the bugs of interest, I jumped right in in retriggering.  This time around I did 20 retriggers for the original changeset, then went back to 30 revisions (every 5th) doing the same thing.  Effectively this was doing 20 retriggers for the 0, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th revisions in the history list (140 retriggers).

I ran into issues doing this, specifically on Bug 1073761.  The reason why is that for about 7 revisions in history the windows 8 builds failed!  Luckily the builds finished enough to get a binary+tests package so we could run tests, but mozci didn’t understand that the build was available.  That required some manual retriggering.  Actually a few cases on both retriggers were actual build failures which resulted in having to manually pick a different revision to retrigger on.  This was fairly easy to then run my tool again and fill in the 4 missing revisions using slightly different mozci parameters.

This was a bit frustrating as there was a lot of manual digging and retriggering due to build failures.  Luckily 2 of the top 10 bugs are the same root cause and we figured it out.  Including irc chatter and this blog post, I have roughly 3 hours invested into this experiment.

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Software-update: Mozilla Thunderbird 31.7.0 - Tweakers

Nieuws verzameld via Google - wo, 20/05/2015 - 10:33

Software-update: Mozilla Thunderbird 31.7.0
Mozilla Thunderbird logo (90 pix) De Mozilla Foundation heeft versie 31.7.0 van Thunderbird uitgebracht. Mozilla Thunderbird is een opensourceclient voor e-mail en nieuwsgroepen, met features als ondersteuning voor verschillende mail- en newsaccounts, ...

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Mozilla Release Management Team: Firefox 38.0.5 beta 2 to 38.0.5 beta 3

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 10:18

As all the release of this special 38.0.5 cycle, we took mostly patches for the Pocket integration, some reader view improvements and stability fixes.

The next version should be 38.0.5 rc1 (go to build Thursday, go live Friday).

  • 21 changesets
  • 38 files changed
  • 393 insertions
  • 132 deletions

ExtensionOccurrences js6 jsm5 cpp5 properties4 ini3 html3 txt2 inc2 h2 xul1 sh1 nsi1 mk1 dtd1 css1

ModuleOccurrences browser21 dom7 testing3 widget2 mobile2 toolkit1 editor1 config1

List of changesets:

Gijs KruitboschBug 1160775 - fix reader mode detection to force 1 flush so we don't think the entire page is invisible, r=margaret a=lmandel - 93b96d846d47 Margaret LeibovicBug 1152412 - Handle errors downloading and parsing documents for reader view. r=bnicholson a=lmandel - 964442785c00 Gijs KruitboschBug 1134501 - add way for UITour'd page to force-show the reader mode button, r=margaret a=lmandel - 5741ccc7bb74 Kartikaya GuptaBug 1163640 - Fix the test for Bug 417418 to not leave the widget in a drag session. r=ehsan, a=test-only - df02fefaa438 Mike ShalBug 1122746 - Ignore *.pyc in zip instead of removing them. r=ted, a=test-only - 06cc113b476f James GrahamBug 1135515 - Fix relevant mutations tests to avoid intermittent issues. a=test-only - 82e59df1da4e Martin ThomsonBug 1158296 - Allow ECDSA key export in WebCrypto. r=rbarnes, a=sledru - 1a8cd9f5bdad Karl TomlinsonBug 1159456 - Finish and exit from Flush() even if MFTManager rejects sample. r=cpearce, a=sledru - 825e8ac4ab29 Jan-Ivar BruaroeyBug 1150539 - getUserMedia: default to aPrefs.mFPS, not aPrefs.mMinFPS. r=jesup, a=lizzard - cfa10b9f0f9d Jan-Ivar BruaroeyBug 1162412 - Part 1: Don't treat plain facingMode constraint as required. r=jesup, a=lmandel - c14434ed2197 Jan-Ivar BruaroeyBug 1162412 - Part 2: Order devices by shortest fitness distance. r=jesup, a=lmandel - 9c1d3c0257ec Jan-Ivar BruaroeyBug 1162412 - Part 3: Treat plain values as exact in advanced. r=jesup, a=lmandel - e3045256cb27 Jeff MuizelaarBug 1157784 - Avoid compositing at the same time as WM_SETTEXT. r=bas, f=jimm, a=sledru - ecbce7532a0a Jared WeinBug 1162713 - Implement "Save Link to Pocket" context menu item. r+a=dolske, l10n=dolske - e13a7a312aa5 Gijs KruitboschBug 1164940 - Lazily create iframe. r=jaws, a=sledru - 24524667128b Gijs KruitboschBug 1164426 - Build reader mode blocklist. r=margaret, a=sledru - 6ec85b777880 Robert StrongBug 1165135 - Distribution directory not removed on pave over install. r=spohl, a=sledru - 4bfd19d00ed4 Jared WeinBug 1163917 - Remove the widget from its area if the conditionalDestroy promise is resolved truthy. r=gijs, a=sledru - f9328a6ea6bd Nate WeinerBug 1165416 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 15th code drop). r=dolske, r=jaws, a=sledru - e6f89a184268 Jared WeinBug 1160407 - Redirect links within the Pocket panel to open in non-private windows when temporary Private Browsing is used. r=dolske, a=sledru - f5828f333524 Gijs KruitboschBug 1147487 - Don't try to reader-ize non-HTML documents. r=margaret, r=jaws, a=lmandel - f44dff585598

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Mike Conley: Lost in Data!

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 03:36

Keeping Firefox zippy involves running performance tests on each push to make sure we’re not making Firefox slower.

How does that even work? This used to be a mystery. NO LONGER. jmaher lets you peek behind the curtain here in the first episode of Lost in Data!

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Christie Koehler: The Recompiler: Now with more podcast!

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 00:25

The Recompiler logoIf you’ve been watching my tweetstream recently, you know that The Recompiler (@recompilermag), a magazine about technology, is in the final days hours of it’s inaugural subscription drive.

Yesterday, Audrey announced that we’re going create a podcast version of The Recompiler!

Some of you may have listened to In Beta, which I co-hosted last year. Doing that podcast was great fun and I’m so looking forward to hosting this supplement to The Recompiler. The podcast will enhance the written version of the magazine with tech news, criticism & commentary plus interviews with our authors.

If you’re craving awesome, insightful conversation on technical topics from fresh, less-heard-from voices, then The Recompiler podcast is for you!

Get involved and support The Recompiler today by purchasing a subscription and look for the first written issue and episode this summer!

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Gavin Sharp: leaving mozilla

Mozilla planet - wo, 20/05/2015 - 00:07

I started contributing to Mozilla nearly 11 years ago, in 2004, and joined as a full-time employee over 8 years ago. Suffice it to say, Mozilla has been a big part of my life in a lot of ways. I’ve dedicated essentially my entire career so far to Mozilla, and it introduced me to my wife, just to name a couple.

Mozilla’s in a great place now – still a tough challenge ahead, but plenty of great people willing and able to tackle it. Firefox has new leadership, the team is being re-organized and groups merged together in what I think are the right ways, and I’m optimistic about their prospects. But it’s time for me to move on and find The Next Thing – that I have no idea what it is now is both exciting and a little bit terrifying, but I feel good about it.

It will probably take me a while to figure out what exactly a post-Mozilla Gavin-life looks like, given the various ways Mozilla’s been injected into my life. I won’t disappear entirely, certainly, and I know the many relationships I’ve built through Mozilla will continue to be a huge part of my life.

I’m looking forward to what’s next!

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Mozilla veröffentlicht Thunderbird 31.7 -

Nieuws verzameld via Google - di, 19/05/2015 - 23:35

Mozilla veröffentlicht Thunderbird 31.7
Während Thunderbird 38 noch ein paar Tage auf sich warten lässt, hat Mozilla Thunderbird 31.7 veröffentlicht und behebt damit mehrere Sicherheitslücken. Download Mozilla Thunderbird 31.7 für Windows, OS X und Linux. Thunderbird 38 ist nicht zeitgleich ...

Google Nieuws
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Air Mozilla: Lost in Data - Episode 1

Mozilla planet - di, 19/05/2015 - 23:02

Lost in Data - Episode 1 Join Joel Maher in a livehacking session where he is triaging and investigating Firefox performance alerts.

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Mozilla Open Policy & Advocacy Blog: Mozilla Advocacy – 2015 Plan

Mozilla planet - di, 19/05/2015 - 22:51

Mozilla Advocacy — Our 2015 Plan for Protecting and Advancing the Open Web

Advocacy is a relatively new area of focus for Mozilla. Our increased emphasis on advocacy is born out of the recognition that, like code, public policy has an impact on the shape and health of the open web — and that a vital force protecting the web will be the millions of people who consider themselves to be citizens of the web.

Over the next few weeks, the Mozilla Advocacy team — including Andrea Wood, Director of Digital Advocacy and Fundraising; Melissa Romaine, Advocacy Manager; Chris Riley, Head of Public Policy; Stacy Martin, Senior Manager of Privacy and Engagement; Jochai Ben-Avie, Internet Policy Manager; and, Alina Hua, Senior Data Privacy Manager —  will lay out our latest thinking about how we’re developing public policy and creating advocacy initiatives.

Our goal with Mozilla Advocacy is to advance the Mozilla mission by empowering people to create measurable changes in public policy to protect the Internet as a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Our three strategies to achieve this goal are:

  1. Leadership Development — Grow a global cadre of leaders — activists, technologists, policy experts — who advance the free and open web.

  2. Community — Assist, grow, and enable the wider policy & advocacy community.

  3. Grassroots Advocacy — Run issue-based campaigns to grow mainstream engagement with Mozilla and open web issues.

Each of these strategies ties directly to the goal of empowering people. Yet, as we execute there are still open questions that need input and more thought from the community. For instance, how can we create better scale and participation, recognizing that real impact happens when the community is empowered to take action on policy and advocacy initiatives. A key to this is making our own policy positions and advocacy efforts easier for people to understand and engage with.

We need you to play an active role. Because the web is growing in markets where we are not experts, the Mozilla community will play a central role in scaling efforts to protect the open web throughout the world. We invite you to help shape our thinking by reading the 2015 Policy & Advocacy Plan and offering input through this thread in the Mozilla Advocacy Community.

–Dave Steer, Director of Advocacy, Mozilla

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Mozilla Addons Blog: Which T-shirt Design is Your Favorite?

Mozilla planet - di, 19/05/2015 - 22:47

The judges have selected their three favorite designs for a new AMO t-shirt, and now it’s your turn to tell us which one you’d like to see printed. The shirts will be sent to add-on developers as a thank-you gift, so choose wisely!

The deadline to vote is Tuesday, June 2.

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Michael Kaply: distribution/bundles Directory Gone in Firefox 40

Mozilla planet - di, 19/05/2015 - 20:26

Bug 1144127 was checked in. This means that starting in Firefox 40, placing add-ons in the distribution/bundles directory will no longer work.

For many years I recommended distribution/bundles as the best place for enterprises to deploy non bootstrapped extensions. It allowed them to make their extensions a part of core Firefox and prevent users from removing them. Unfortunately adware/spyware folks started using this method as well, so we lost this ability. (This is why we can't have nice things.)

So what does this mean going forward?

  • You will no longer be able to disable safe mode. You can set the environment variable MOZ_DISABLE_SAFE_MODE_KEY to prevent using the startup shortcut or set MOZ_DISABLE_AUTO_SAFE_MODE to prevent crashes from starting safe mode, but a user will always be able to start Firefox in safe mode from the command line.
  • It's much more difficult for you to prevent a user from disabling any extensions you need to add for your company. You'll probably need to do something evil like hide them inside of the add-ons manager. You can contact me if you need code to do that.
  • AutoConfig now becomes the preferred method of doing pretty much any Firefox configuration (since you can't place a custom extension into the distribution/bundles directory).

I'm actively working on making the CCK2 work without the distribution directory. The latest beta is here. Obviously some features will be lost st first. I hope to bring as many back as I can. It should be ready by the end of the week I hope.

As a side note, this means that many of my blog posts will have incorrect information. I'm still trying to figure out how to solve that going forward.

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Adam Lofting: The importance of retention rates, explained by @bbalfour

Mozilla planet - di, 19/05/2015 - 18:44

In my last post I shared a tool for playing with the numbers that matter for growing a product or service. (I.e. Conversion, retention and referral rates).

This video of a talk by Brian Balfour is a perfect introduction / guide to watch if you’re also playing with that tool. In particular, the graphs from 1:46 onwards.

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Mozilla Release Management Team: Firefox 38.0.5b1 to 38.0.5b2

Mozilla planet - di, 19/05/2015 - 17:59

Mostly a Pocket's change beta release.

  • 23 changesets
  • 45 files changed
  • 549 insertions
  • 136 deletions

ExtensionOccurrences js13 jsm5 css4 mn3 cpp3 ini2 handlebars2 h2 xul1 txt1 svg1 java1 inc1

ModuleOccurrences browser27 toolkit5 image4 mobile1 gfx1 config1 browser1

List of changesets:

tbirdbldAutomated checkin: version bump for thunderbird 38.0b5 release. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE a=release - 88aaccce3910 Nick ThomasBacked out changeset 88aaccce3910, a thunderbird specific version change on default DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE, a=release - 983ca4a03205 David MajorBug 1154703 - Fix typo in nvdxgiwrap filename. r=jrmuizel, a=lmandel - fff54632eedd Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1162205 - Don't import encrypted cookies from Chrome. r=mak a=lmandel - c5a80a2102b6 Seth FowlerBug 1161859 - Compute the size of animated image frames correctly in the SurfaceCache. r=dholbert, a=lmandel - aa3a683fd335 Garvan KeeleyBug 1164468 - Boolean got incorrectly flipped and stumbling uploads stopped. r=rnewman, a=lmandel - 4aac185d033d Blake WintonBug 1158289 - Use ems to keep the Reader View's line length between 45 and 75 characters. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=margaret, a=lmandel - 5fff1e20ed9c Seth FowlerBug 1161859 (Followup) - Correct nsIntSize / IntSize mismatch in Decoder.cpp on a CLOSED TREE. a=KWierso - 5da39cd23ade Jared WeinBug 1162316 - Update the Pocket Toolbar @2x asset on OSX with the correct aspect ratios. r=dolske a=dolske - 21c86665a21d Jared WeinBug 1155517 - Change Reader View to have a "Save Page to Pocket" button instead of "Add To Reader List". r=dolske a=dolske - 921eb304600e Nate WeinerBug 1163576 - Pages that were only added to Pocket by one user failed to get removed. r=jaws a=dolske - f7f9fc975cdc Jared WeinBug 1163651 - [Windows]View Pocket List icon from Bookmarks menu is missing. r=dolske a=dolske - 01c7b55e4a28 Nate WeinerBug 1164161 - Panel dictionary file missing entries for some languages. r=jaws a=dolske - 98b2f2b5af65 Justin DolskeBug 1164253 - Save request is sent twice for every button press. r=jaws a=dolske - 89ef57a1733a Justin DolskeBug 1164208 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 11th code drop) r=jaws a=dolske - 55c04a549775 Nate WeinerBug 1163411 - Update View Pocket Menu Link. r=jaws a=dolske - 9a7a198e1b06 Gijs KruitboschBug 1164302 - pocket button gets lost after a restart, r=jaws a=dolske - d5ba1bc97911 Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1161810 - UITour: Allow opening the Pocket panel via showMenu("pocket"). r=jaws a=dolske - 06499c7a81a9 Gijs KruitboschBug 1164410 - fix l10n use in pocket, r=jaws a=dolske - 48eaac80d6b5 Justin DolskeBug 1164407 - Pocket not enabled on ja builds under Mac OS X. r=adw a=dolske - 99ea3c3c13f6 Nate WeinerBug 1164419 - [OSX] Pocket panel for ru locale build has misaligned elements. r=dolske a=dolske - f724af08988f Nate WeinerBug 1164698 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 13th code drop). r=dolske a=dolske - 11c4678a21bb Jared WeinBug 1163519 - Add in missing CustomizableUI getter to ReaderParent.jsm. r=gijs, a=dolske - 195e873a8ab1

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Mozilla Release Management Team: Firefox 38.0.1 to 38.0.5b1

Mozilla planet - di, 19/05/2015 - 17:47

For this first beta of this special cycle, we took two kind of changes: * the Pocket feature * stability fixes

  • 59 changesets
  • 226 files changed
  • 12063 insertions
  • 919 deletions

ExtensionOccurrences java36 js29 css16 mn8 jsm8 xul5 properties5 html5 handlebars5 gradle5 cpp5 inc4 h4 txt3 ini3 in3 build3 xml2 sh2 rst2 cfg2 py1 json1 hgtags1 dtd1 cc1

ModuleOccurrences mobile69 browser38 browser30 toolkit11 layout7 browser6 testing3 media3 dom3 config1

List of changesets:

Shane CaraveoBug 936426 - Fix intermittent error, reduce testing to what we actually need here. r=markh, a=test-only - f33925faccee Ryan VanderMeulenMerge release to beta. CLOSED TREE - f84585d763a5 Rail AliievBug 1158760 - Wrong branding on the 38 Beta 8, backout d27c9211ebb3. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE a=release ba=release - b91226cec861 Ryan VanderMeulenBacked out changeset b1bfde2ccb22 to revert back to beta branding while Fx 38.0.5 is still shipping betas. - 27bacb9dff64 Ed LeeBug 1161245 - Backout Suggested Tiles (Bug 1120311) from 38.0.5 [a=sylvestre, a=lmandel] - 9a494b64194e Margaret LeibovicBug 1144822 - Hide elements with common hidden class names in reader content. r=Gijs, a=sledru - e4a70d181871 Margaret LeibovicBug 1154028 - Move reader content styles to scoped style sheet. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 80a9584ac5e4 Margaret LeibovicBug 1154028 - Move reader controls styles to scoped style sheet. r=Gijs, a=sledru - c64ca42b7490 Blake WintonBug 1158302 - Increase the Font Size of Reader's H1 and H2 Headers. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=Gijs, a=lizzard - 3058929d4335 Blake WintonBug 1158294 - Increase Reader Views Default Type Size. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=margaret, a=lizzard - 8cba8416a229 Matthew NoorenbergheBug 1134507 - Implement infopanel to promote Reader View when first available. r=Gijs, a=sledru - f53c601dafa3 Blake WintonBug 1158281 - Match Pocket's Reader View Sepia Theme. ui-r=mmaslaney, r=margaret, a=sledru - 810e81a9bced Gijs KruitboschBug 1154063 - Fix CSS issue in aboutReader.css. r=bwinton, a=sledru - cc2718d0f570 Gijs KruitboschBug 1158322 - force-display-none the toolbar and footer when printing. r=margaret, a=sledru - 16cdaa6a3712 Ryan VanderMeulenBug 1131931 - Skip various tests on OSX and Windows debug for intermittent crashes. a=test-only - 010ace914d50 Morris TsengBug 1151111 - Append iframe2 after iframe1 has loaded. r=kchen, a=test-only - e4e557754405 Maire ReavyBug 1159659 - Allow tab sharing on XP and OSX 10.6. r=pkerr, a=lizzard - db14fef19c05 Margaret LeibovicBug 1158228 - Merge github's readability code into m-c. a=sledru - 503f9aa61c25 Margaret LeibovicBug 1158228 - Disable visibility check helper function to avoid test bustage. a=sledru - 46b968653f4d Jared WeinBug 1155523 - Implement Pocket toolbarbutton and subview. r=gijs - 3e9805c11aa3 Florian QuèzeBug 1156878 - Send a request to the server when clicking the Pocket toolbar button, r=jaws. - 16e406d46c18 Jared WeinBug 1159744 - Use the panel implementations from the Pocket add-on for the Pocket feature. r=dolske - 1c86609b511c Florian QuèzeBug 1155518 - Implement "Save to Pocket" context menu item, r=jaws. - 0a18ef5ab9b7 Florian QuèzeBug 1155519 - Add "View Pocket Items" menuitem to the bookmarks menu, r=dolske. - a1b09394f8c5 Jared WeinBug 1161654 - Import latest Pocket code. r=dolske - 3d9d572c9ec4 Jared WeinBug 1160578 - Disable the Pocket button for logged-in users on internal Firefox pages. r=dolske - 77ec9aee0263 Jared WeinBug 1161654 - Remove some dead code in Pocket.jsm and use pktApi for checking if the user is logged in. r=dolske - 125c7dbe7528 Jared WeinBug 1160678 - Pocket door hangers arent automatically closed. r=dolske a=sledru - 53b766c68811 Gavin SharpBug 1138079 - Fix focus issue that sometimes affects browser-chrome test runs. r=enndeakin, a=test-only - 96da8302e8a2 Justin DolskeBug 1162198 - [EME] Doorhanger that notifies user of DRM usage should include a Learn More link. r=gijs, a=sledru - 121ed6b9b6dd David MajorBug 1155836: Template on aComputeData in the DoGetStyle* helpers. r=dbaron f=bz a=sylvestre - 7e44bac27dd6 Randell JesupBug 1162251: Fix WebRTC jitter buffer ignoring partial frames if the packet holds a complete NAL r=ehugg a=sylvestre - 124857c54a1b Byron Campen [:bwc]Bug 1161317: Fix bug where sendonly video RTCP would be treated as outgoing RTP r=jesup a=sylvestre - 62ee103ccbbe Gijs KruitboschBug 1158884 - hide pocket on android, fix AboutReader.jsm on android, r=margaret,jaws a=dolske - 20872d739a18 Jared WeinBug 1158960 - Reader view is broken in e10s mode. r=Gijs a=dolske - 92c7576dce37 Jared WeinBug 1159410 - Update the Pocket toolbar icon highlight to coral. r=dolske a=dolske - 8c8f410e61e8 Justin DolskeBug 1161796 - Remove unused strings from Pocket. r=jaws a=dolske: - 52bc3790d7b0 Justin DolskeBug 1160663 - Allow hilighting the Pocket button via UITour. r=MattN a=sledru - 1701e22c91f6 Gijs KruitboschBug 1155521 - Migrate Pocket add-on and social provider users to the new Pocket button (part 1, CustomizableUI changes). r=jaws, a=dolske - 6be4fccbdfa3 Drew WillcoxonBug 1155521 - Migrate Pocket add-on and social provider users to the new Pocket button (part 2, migration). r=jaws, a=dolske - 257c096c7673 Gijs KruitboschBug 1161838 - fix positioning of newly added widgets, r=jaws a=dolske - 2eeb61f35995 Jared WeinBug 1162735 - Re-add code that got removed accidentally to fix context menus. r=florian a=dolske - ccec3836123c Jared WeinBug 1161793 - Wait to run the Pocket popupshowing code until the popupshowing event is dispatched, same for the popupshown code. r=dolske a=dolske - 18bf7b4baaac Justin DolskeBug 1161881 - Enable Pocket by default (in supported locales), r=gavin a=sledru - 067c9c7a5e75 Justin DolskeBug 1162253 - Update the Pocket Menu Icon with the correct aspect ratios. r=jaws, a=dolske - 3f2619b0d039 Justin DolskeBug 1162147 - "View Pocket List" menuitem should be at top of bookmarks menu. r=jaws, a=dolske - 740f3d68a0f6 Justin DolskeBug 1163349 - "View Pocket List" menuitem not working. r=gavin, a=dolske - 83c0c74947a3 Jared WeinBug 1163111 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 7th code drop). r=dolske a=dolske - a1c5d7a6a784 Drew WillcoxonBug 1162283 - Add support for limited hard-coded localizations to Pocket. r=dolske, a=dolske - e7c47480555d Justin DolskeBug 1163265 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 8th code drop) r=jaws, a=dolske - 86e98ffc152b Justin DolskeBug 1163360 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 9th code drop) r=jaws, a=dolske - f4179577249b Justin DolskeBug 1163319 - Pocket button in hamburger menu breaks layout. r=jaws, a=dolske - 32b69592b334 Shane CaraveoBug 1024253 - Fix chat tests on ubuntu. r=markh, a=test-only - 5081fb1d38f0 Tim TaubertBug 961215 - Fix intermittent browser_tabview_bug625269.js failures by taking into account that window.resizeTo() can fail to change the window size sometimes. r=MattN, a=test-only - 97b29f79be5c Margaret LeibovicBug 1160577 - Set styles on #reader-message div instead of wrapper div. r=MattN a=sledru - ad9164105253 Florian QuèzeBug 1160076 - Hide the in-content preferences Search pane when is false. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 855c88138927 Gijs KruitboschBug 1162917 - Update readability from github repo. a=sledru - 5fc66f6dd277 Margaret LeibovicBug 1129029 - Telemetry probes for reader mode performance. r=Gijs, a=sledru - 85229fbaf017 Justin DolskeBug 1163645 - Pocket only enabled on en-US, hard-coded locales aren't picked up. r=adw, a=dolske - fff143cacb66

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