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Op 3 augustus 2005 werd de Mozilla Corporation opgericht. De oprichting van deze maatschappij was noodzakelijk. The Mozilla Foundation is immers een Stiching (NL) of vzw (BE) en mag dus eigenlijk geen inkomsten hebben. Omdat ze een winkel uitbaten (Mozilla Store) en inkomsten hebben via donaties, konden ze niet anders dan de Mozila Corporation oprichten.

"The Mozilla Corporation was established to support the Mozilla Foundation's mission to ensure choice and innovation on the Internet by leveraging the economic value of Firefox which has resulted from its growing marketshare. By forming a commercial subsidiary, the revenue-generating activities of the new entity can provide funds to support development, testing, and productization of the various Mozilla open source technologies. This benefits both end-users of Firefox and Thunderbird, and developers and others who want to use the Mozilla open source code in various ways. Having the Mozilla Corporation handle revenue-generating activities associated with these products also allows the Mozilla Foundation to achieve its goals while still itself remaining a tax-exempt organization.

However, the Mozilla Corporation is not a typical commercial entity and will only pursue revenue-generating activities that are consistent with offering end-users with the best experience possible."

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