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Rumbling Edge - Thunderbird: 2015-07-24 Calendar builds

Thunderbird - za, 25/07/2015 - 09:08

Common (excluding Website bugs)-specific: (16)

  • Fixed: 359007 – Event printed multiple times with same time if it is a multiday event
  • Fixed: 674088 – Lightning hammers webdav server with repeated OPTIONS and PROPFIND when incorrectly configured as caldav
  • Fixed: 1153615 – Use SVG graphics for the Lightning toolbar buttons
  • Fixed: 1153752 – Tracking bug for Lightning 4.0 release [meta]
  • Fixed: 1165396 – Calendar changes the time of the events to the opposite timezone
  • Fixed: 1167939 – Long date uses OS date so it appears in OS language instead of Sorbian because there is no Sorbian OS
  • Fixed: 1168525 – Port |Bug 1166538 – Use mozbuild.jar-based zip tool instead of $(ZIP) for simple cases| to Calendar
  • Fixed: 1170482 – Update internal timezone database to version 2015e
  • Fixed: 1172237 – Automatically set up aliases when timezones have changed
  • Fixed: 1172582 – Remove the usage of the calendar-windows assignment
  • Fixed: 1174397 – No current or upcoming Events in Today Pane
  • Fixed: 1176936 – Event extraction broken with single locale Lightning
  • Fixed: 1180471 – Error dialog doesn’t get prompted
  • Fixed: 1180522 – Fix timezone alias for Buenos Aires
  • Fixed: 1182264 – Possible dataloss after editing calendar properties
  • Fixed: 1186547 – mReadOnly and mDisabled do not reflect readOnly and disabled properties

Sunbird will no longer be actively developed by the Calendar team.

Windows builds Official Windows

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64) (2015-07-22 builds)

Mac builds Official Mac

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Rumbling Edge - Thunderbird: 2015-07-24 Thunderbird comm-central builds

Thunderbird - za, 25/07/2015 - 09:05

Thunderbird-specific: (24)

  • Fixed: 978558 – Column Size has tooltip “Click to sort by size” instead of “Sort by size” in normal message list and in message search results list
  • Fixed: 1137159 – App menu is empty, only shows “Quit”
  • Fixed: 1159338 – Reminder: switch mozilla-repo in to undo mozilla-release hardcode
  • Fixed: 1167003 – JavaScript warning: chrome://messenger/content/newmailaccount/accountProvisioner.js, line 776: flags argument of String.prototype.{search,match,replace} is deprecated
  • Fixed: 1172240 – Add Windows 10 media queries
  • Fixed: 1172241 – Get rid of messageWindow-aero.css
  • Fixed: 1172242 – Don’t duplicate the communicator directory in TB
  • Fixed: 1172243 – Don’t duplicate the newsblog directory in TB
  • Fixed: 1173261 – Take “Bug 1143570 – Copy/Paste into plain text editor deletes newlines from quoted text” in TB 38.x
  • Fixed: 1174505 – thunderbird OAuth2 POP access should not offer OAuth2
  • Fixed: 1175063 – lightning calendar didn’t get installed when upgrading to thunderbird 38.0.1
  • Fixed: 1175607 – Icons not inverted on tab bar with Ambiance theme
  • Fixed: 1175908 – No dictionary selected after upgrade from TB 31 to TB 38 when xy_XY dictionary was selected before upgrade
  • Fixed: 1176215 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/components/places/tests/unifiedcomplete/test_searchSuggestions.js | singleWordQuery – [singleWordQuery : 236] Got as many results as expected – 0 == 2
  • Fixed: 1176612 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-TIMEOUT | netwerk/test/unit/test_predictor.js | Test timed out
  • Fixed: 1176671 – Changing dictionary language from spellcheck dialogue is not persisted after closing the dialogue
  • Fixed: 1176719 – Add missed Win10 media queries
  • Fixed: 1176749 – nsIScriptError.h:21 nsStringFwd.h:15:2: error: Internal string headers are not available from external-linkage code. after bug 1143006
  • Fixed: 1177330 – package-manifest : Missing file(s): bin/components/profile.xpt in mail/
  • Fixed: 1183328 – port bug 1181040 (Include mozconfig.cache after mozconfig.common.override) to thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1183332 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/components/captivedetect/test/unit/test_captive_portal_not_found.js + test_captive_portal_found.js + test_captive_portal_found_303.js
  • Fixed: 1183762 – port bug 1182407 (Use unpack feature of tooltool wherever possible) to thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1186282 – HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found: on XPCShell and MozMill tests during ‘python mozharness..’ step.
  • Fixed: 1186283 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | build file copies are not in sync: differing file: {linux32,linux64,macosx64}/clang.manifests and macosx64/releng.manifest

MailNews Core-specific: (21)

  • Fixed: 837552 – crash in nsMsgDatabase::CopyHdrFromExistingHdr with filters
  • Fixed: 1018589 – Can’t add RSS feed with Cyrillic URL -> support idn urls for feeds
  • Fixed: 1132478 – Feed Reader sends wrong Accept header
  • Fixed: 1151448 – Cross-posts won’t send because Newsgroups: groups are separated with comma+space, not just comma
  • Fixed: 1151497 – Web site from RSS feed not rendered correctly (due to noscript tags) – tab part
  • Fixed: 1174159 – thunderbird 38.0.1: cannot send email through exchange server (NTLM)
  • Fixed: 1174580 – Doesn’t display GB2312 encoded texts correctly for Chinese Characters
  • Fixed: 1175055 – Remove Eudora and Outlook import options since they are busted in TB 38 and trunk
  • Fixed: 1175190 – Thunderbird 38 crashes in mozilla::mailnews::EncodedHeader [msvcr120.dll | nsCOMArray_base::Adopt | mozilla::mailnews::EncodedHeader]
  • Fixed: 1175348 – oauth related crash in nsMsgAsyncWriteProtocol::SendData(char const*, bool)
  • Fixed: 1175410 – Update comm-central for PLDHashTable changes in bug 1174625
  • Fixed: 1176599 – Backout Bug 1141548 because is missing from comm-beta (39) SeaMonkey/Thunderbird builds
  • Fixed: 1176773 – OAuth2 does not work with after upgrade
  • Fixed: 1177979 – Gtk3 build fail with /usr/bin/ld: hidden symbol `_ZN26nsMessengerUnixIntegrationC1Ev’ isn’t defined
  • Fixed: 1178413 – GMail OAuth2 scope should be https:// not http://
  • Fixed: 1180071 – Remove uses of PL_DHashTableEnumerate() in comm-central
  • Fixed: 1180356 – Cannot find wrl.h : No such file or directory when building WindowsUIUtils.obj
  • Fixed: 1181434 – Fix fallout from bug 905127 due to missing headers for mail/ and mailnews/
  • Fixed: 1181985 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL: /builds/slave/test/build/application/thunderbird/xpcshell: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • Fixed: 1183729 – error: ‘HasDangerousPublicDestructor’ is not a template
  • Fixed: 1185583 – Thunderbird broken by mozilla-central Bug 1143922 nsPop3Protocol.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol “public: virtual enum nsresult __stdcall nsMsgProtocol::Open2(class nsIInputStream * *)” (?Open2@nsMsgProtocol@@UAG?AW4nsresult@@PAPAVnsIInput

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64)

Mac builds Official Mac

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Kent James: Is Mozilla an Open Source Project?

Thunderbird - di, 21/07/2015 - 07:13

At the 2015 Community Leadership Summit, keynote speaker Henrik Ingo asked what he intended to be a trick question:

Everybody knows that Redhat is the largest open source company by revenue, with 1.5 billion dollars per year in revenue. What is the second largest open source company?

Community Leadership Summit 2015

Community Leadership Summit 2015

It took awhile before someone came up with the correct answer – Mozilla! Why is this a trick question? Because people don’t view Mozilla as an open source software company! Even in an open-source friendly crowd, people need to be reminded that Mozilla is open source, and not another Google or Apple. The “open source” brand is getting ever more powerful, with hot new technologies like OpenStack, Docker, and node.js adopting the foundation-owned open source model, while Mozilla seems to be drifting away from that image.

The main point of Henrik’s talk was that projects that are “open-source” while dominated by a single company show limited growth potential when compared to projects where there is an independent foundation without any single dominating company. Mozilla is an odd model, with a company that is dominated by a foundation (at least in theory). It seems though that these days, what has emerged is a foundation that is dominated by a company, exactly the model that Henrik claims limits growth. As that company gets more and more “professional” (acting like a company), it gets harder to perceive Mozilla to be anything other than another big tech company.

Something has changed at Mozilla, that I don’t really understand. Not that I have any inside knowledge (Thunderbird folks like me don’t get invited to large Mozilla gatherings any more), but is this really the brand image that Mozilla wants? I doubt it. Hopefully people smarter than me can figure out how to fix it, as there is still something about Mozilla that many of us love.

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Kent James: Fixing QuickText addon for Thunderbird

Thunderbird - wo, 15/07/2015 - 19:01

The popular QuickText addon has not been updated for Thunderbird 38 and no longer works. As a user of that addon, I wanted to make it work again. This post provides instructions on how to do that.

The addon has no license mentioned, and unfortunately that defaults to “all rights reserved”. That means that I cannot provide the modified source to download, but I can under “Fair Use” describe the needed changes, that you can do yourself. They are trivial (at least for my use case). I will describe the changes for the non-Pro version but presumably they are the same for the Pro version. The only problem is that the template file is written in one format, but is read in a different format so that it does not work.

To edit the source, first you need to uncompress it. The QuickText .xpi file is just a renamed .zip file, so extract this file with your favorite zip utility (I use 7-zip). Find the file named components/wzQuicktext.js Find the line (near line 570) that looks like this:

if (bomheader == "\xFF\xFE" || bomheader == "\xFE\xFF")

Modify that line by adding an additional condition to be this:

if (bomheader == "\xFF\xFE" || bomheader == "\xFE\xFF" || bomheader.length == 1)

That’s it! Now you just have to select all of the files in the addon, and put them back into a ZIP archive re-named as .xpi

I changed a few other meta details such as the version number and compatibility, so here is a link to the actual patch that I use:

I’ll keep contacting the author trying to either get the official version modified, or a release that allows me to modify it. But you should be able to do this yourself and run a modified version.

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Meeting Notes: Thunderbird: 2015-06-16

Thunderbird - wo, 17/06/2015 - 05:00

Thunderbird meeting notes 2015-06-16. NOON PT (Pacific). Check for meeting time conversion, previous meeting notes and call-in details


rkent, wsmwk, sshagarwal, jorgk, joes1, jcranmer, mkmelin, rolandtanglao, makemyday

Current status and discussions Critical Issues

Leave critical bugs here until confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.

  • see tb38 etherpad
  • tracking-tb38 flags – approved(+): nominated(?):
  • Do we unthrottle updates for TB38?
    • suggest 10% for a couple days so we get more data, if there are no objections (wsmwk). we are roughly at 200k users or 1% of user population
    • JoeS1 FWIW Firefox unthrottles immediately to 25 for info, I think we should do the same
      • But I guess they do that because they are ready to do a point release if necessary, and we are not that ready
    • What is state of addons? (generally we don’t decide based on this, except maybe calendar)
    • Are there tracked bugs we want fixed before full unthrottle? (means waiting for 38.1.0)
  • rkent list of critical issues blocking even partial unthrottling:
    • broken Simplified Chinese bug 1174580 – Not display GB2312 encoded texts correctly
      • It might be possible to simply change the encoding mapping to fix this?
    • proxy not working bug 1175051 and probably related crashes
  • rkent list of other critical issues
    • Outlook/Eudora import completely busted: bug 1175055.
      • I suggest that for the next dot release, if we cannot get the crash fixed, we should disable the menu item that promotes this. Does not block unthrottling since mostly affects new users.
      • Someone needs to add additional main thread proxies to the migration code.
    • bug 1174797 Add a cookie exception for GMail OAuth
      • Does not affect unthrottling since no effect unless someone tries to use OAuth. Lightning has an example of how to fix this, so should not be difficult.
  • Past
    • 31.6.0 shipped
    • 38.0b3 shipped 2015-04-26 Sunday
    • 38.0b4 shipped 2015-05-03 Sunday
    • 31.7.0 2015-05-18 Monday (lots of issues – Tues 5-12 was target)
    • 38.0b5 shipped 2015-05-19 Tuesday
    • 38.0b6 shipped 2015-05-23
    • 38.0.1 nominally shipped 2015-06-12
  • Upcoming
    • 31.8.0 ~2015-06-20 GTB
    • 38.1.0 FF GTB on June 22 release June 30.
      • Would it be possible to continue to use the beta channel for TB 38 until post-38.2.0? So maybe we could do a 38.1.0b1?
Lightning to Thunderbird Integration


  • As underpass has pointed out repeatedly (thanks for your patience!) , we need to rewrite / heavily modify the lightning articles on let me know irc: rolandtanglao on #tb-support-crew or rtanglao AT OR simply start editing the articles
  • We need to fill the “Learn More” page with content, possibly point it to something more specific bug 1159682
  • Opt-out dialog: change “disable” to “remove” bug 1159698
  • tracking bug for lightning 4.0 bug 1153752
Round Table wsmwk jorgk
  • bug 345852 – Personal dictionary, waiting for Ehsan
  • bug 209189 – delete, delete, undo -> corruption, waiting for Neil/Kent
  • bug 368915 – spell check in subject, ongoing.
  • bug 1175055 – Import (Eudora/Outlook) busted.

My availability will be limited from June 20 – June 29. If there is going to be progress on fixing TB 38 releases in that time, someone else would have to drive it.

  • Monitoring issues appearing in TB 38.0.1
  • Previously there were issues getting TB 38 to build with current mozilla-esr38 (which resulted in THUNDERBIRD_38_0_20150603_RELBRANCH) and I suspect there may be some fixes needed to get the merge of mozilla-esr38 into THUNDERBIRD_38_VERBRANCH to work.
  • Huge backlog, being more or less processed in stack order unfortunately
    • Ping me on IRC if you have anything really important to look at something
  • Following up on some releng future issues
  • I have some discussions to start after 38 is finally out the door
  • At step one of the project: Setting up a dummy protocol to understand how a protocol

is added to TB using addon approach (using Skinkglue).

  • I have taken too much time to do this mostly due to health issues continuing for over a month now. Will pick up soon.
Question Time

Jorg K:
When will JSMime take over all RFC2047 decoding? Looking at bug 1146099 I found RFC2047 code used in comm-central/mozilla/netwerk/mime.
Also, while Joshua is here: Will we fix whatever we did wrong in bug 1154521

Support team
  • Roland’s last day is June 30, 2015 – please needinfo :rolandtanglao or email rtanglao AT if you need my help starting July 1, 2015
  • Note – meeting notes must be copied from etherpad to wiki before 5AM CET next day so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.
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