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Ready for GDPR: Firefox Focus Offers Additional Tracking Protection Against Advertisers

Mozilla Blog - wo, 23/05/2018 - 20:00

It’s been nearly a year since we launched Firefox Focus for Android, and it has become one of the most popular privacy browsers for mobile around the world. In light of recent events, more and more consumers have growing awareness for privacy and secure products. The upcoming implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe later this month reflects this and, at the same time, highlights how important privacy is for all users.

At Mozilla, we’ve always valued people’s privacy and given them the opportunity to determine the data they want to share. Last year we updated our Privacy Notice to make it simple, clear and usable, and we’ve been transparent about how we collect user data. We feel well prepared for GDPR coming into effect and Firefox Focus is one of the best examples of why: This mobile browser has been ahead of its time and is well positioned as the go-to mobile product in the Age of GDPR. Now, we’re making it even more private and convenient.

Less tracking for more privacy

Up until now, Firefox Focus blocked all first party trackers of sites that were commonly known to follow users from site to site, also known as “cross-site tracking.” From there, these sites collect “cookies” which are small data files stored by your browser. It helps publishers collect data to personalize your experiences with them. Again, Firefox Focus blocks first party trackers on the Disconnect list. Today, we are announcing a cookie management feature that also gives you control over the source of trackers that are following you. Users can now protect the visibility of their online activity through cookies on a site from other sites (third party), all sites – or not at all if they choose. You can find this under Settings, Privacy & Security, “Cookies and Site Data” to make your selection. There is a small chance that it it might not work on some sites, so we’re giving users the choice to turn it on or off. For example, advertisers use third party cookies to track your visits to various websites.


Once you click on “Block Cookies” a menu will pop-up with options to choose the different types of cookies


Autocomplete is Complete

In our previous release, we’ve included the ability to add favorite sites to an autocomplete list by adding them manually under Settings. We’ve noticed that this way might not be the quickest setup for some users. Starting today, our users will be able to conveniently and easily long-press the URL bar to select the site to add to their URL Autocomplete list. Now adding your frequently visited sites is even easier and will get you to where you want to go even faster.

The latest version of Firefox Focus for Android can be downloaded on Google Play.


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The General Data Protection Regulation and Firefox

Mozilla Blog - wo, 23/05/2018 - 19:36

We are only a few days away from May 25th, when the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into full effect. Since we were founded, Mozilla has always stood for and practiced a set of data privacy principles that are at the heart of privacy laws like the GDPR. And we have applied those principles, not just to Europe, but to all our users worldwide.  We feel like the rest of the world is catching up to where we have been all along.

GDPR has implications for many different parts of Mozilla. Rather than give you a laundry list of GDPR stuff, in this post, we want to focus specifically on Firefox and drill down specifically into how we think about privacy-by-design and data protection impact assessments within our browser product.

Privacy By People Who Care About Privacy

Firefox, the web browser that runs on your device, is your gateway to the internet. Your browser will manage a lot of information about the websites you visit, but that information stays on your device. Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox, doesn’t collect it unless you give us permission.

Mozilla does collect a set of data that helps us to understand how people use Firefox. We’ve purposely designed our data collection with privacy protections in mind. So while the browser knows so much about you, Mozilla still knows very little.

Building a browser that is so powerful yet still respectful of our users takes a lot of effort. At Mozilla, we have teams of privacy and security engineers who are responsible for building a trustworthy browser. More than that, we have a workforce and a volunteer community that takes Mozilla’s responsibility to protect you seriously and personally. This responsibility cuts across all areas of Mozilla, including our security engineers, platform and data engineers, data scientists, product managers, marketing managers and so on. We basically have an army of people who have your back.

Rather than Privacy By Design, we do Privacy By People Who Care About Privacy.

It is important to keep this in mind when we think about the GDPR’s privacy-by-design requirements. Regardless of any regulatory requirement, including GDPR, if an organization and its people aren’t rooted in a commitment to privacy, any privacy-by-design process will fail.  It is our people’s commitment to the Mozilla mission that undergirds our design processes and serves as the most important backstop for protecting our users.

Our Process

Okay, enough throat clearing. At Mozilla, we do have plenty of design processes to identify and deeply engage on privacy risks; code reviews, security and privacy reviews, intensive product and infrastructure audits, and public forums for anyone to contribute concerns and solutions.

Our Firefox data collection review process is the cornerstone of our effort to meaningfully practice privacy-by-design and assess privacy impacts to our users. We believe it is consistent with the GDPR’s requirements for privacy impact assessments. Mozilla has had this process in place for several years and revamped it in 2017.

Here are a few key pieces of that process:

  1. Before we look at any privacy risk, we need to know there is a valid analytic basis for the data collection. That is why our review process starts with a few simple questions about why Mozilla needs to collect the data, how much data is necessary, and what specific measurements will be taken. Mozilla employees who propose additional data collection must first answer these questions on our review form.
  2. Second, our Data Stewards – designated individuals on our Firefox team – will review the answers, ensure there is public documentation for data collection, and make sure users can turn data collection on and off.
  3. Third, we categorize data collection by different levels of privacy risk, which you can find in more detail here. The data category for the proposed collection must be identified as part of the review. For proposals to collect data in higher risk categories, the data collection must be default off.
  4. Complex data collection requests, such as those to collect more sensitive data or those that call for a new data collection mechanism, will escalate from our Data Stewards to our Trust and Legal teams. Further privacy, policy, or legal analysis will then be done to assess privacy impact and identify appropriate mitigations.

The results of this review process, as well as in depth descriptions of our data categories and the process itself, can be found publicly on the web. And you can find the full documentation for Firefox data collection here.

But Wait, There’s More!

This process is just one of the many tools we have to protect and empower the people who use our products.  Last year, we completely rewrote our privacy notice to provide clear, simple language about the browser. The notice includes links directly to our Firefox privacy settings page, so users can turn off data collection if they read something on the notice they don’t like.

We redesigned those privacy settings to make them easier to use (check out about:preferences#privacy in the Firefox Browser). This page serves as a one-stop shop for anyone looking to take control of their privacy in Firefox. And we revamped Firefox onboarding by showing new users the Firefox privacy notice right on the second tab the very first time they use the browser.

It’s easier today than ever before to take control of your privacy in the Firefox browser. As you can see, limited data, transparency, choice – all GDPR principles – are deeply embedded in how all of us at Mozilla think about and design privacy for you.

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Reality Redrawn Opens At The Tech

Mozilla Blog - za, 19/05/2018 - 18:02

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose was filled on Thursday with visitors experiencing new takes on the issue of fake news by artists using mixed reality, card games and even scratch and sniff cards. These installations were the results of Mozilla’ Reality Redrawn challenge. We launched the competition last December to make the power of misinformation and its potential impacts visible and visceral. Winners were announced in February.

One contributor, Australian artist Sutu was previously commissioned by Marvel and Google to create Tilt Brush Virtual Reality paintings and was the feature subject of the 2014 ABC documentary, ‘Cyber Dreaming’. For Breaking News at the Tech, he used AR animation to show the reconstruction of an article in real time and illustrate the thought process behind creating a fake news story. Using the AR app EyeJack, you can see the front page of the New York Times come to life with animation and sound as the stories are deconstructed and multiple viewpoints are presented simultaneously:

Breaking News, by Sutu
(Photography by Nick Leoni)

Visitors on opening night of this limited run exhibition also enjoyed conversation on stage around the topic from Marketplace Tech Host Molly Wood, Wired Contributing Editor Fred Vogelstein, BBC North America Technology Correspondent Dave Lee and our own Fellow on Media, Misinformation and Trust, Renée DiResta. There was a powerful message by video from the Miami Herald’s reporter Alex Harris. She found herself the target of a misinformation campaign while reporting on the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Reality Redrawn is open until June 2 at the Tech and admission is included with entry to the museum. Follow the link to find out more about ticket prices for the Tech.”>link to find out more about ticket prices for the Tech. If you’re visiting the Bay Area soon I hope you’ll make time to see how it’s possible to make some sense of the strange journeys our minds take when attacked by fake news and other misinformation.

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Thunderbird Blog: Thunderbird Active Daily Inquiries Surpass 10 Million!

Thunderbird - wo, 09/12/2015 - 00:49

We are pleased to report that Thunderbird usage, as reported though the standard Mozilla metric of Active Daily Inquiries (ADI), has surpassed 10 million users per day on Monday November 30 2015 for the first time ever.

Thunderbird Active Daily Inquiries graph, showing new record of 10,000,000

ADI is a raw measurement of active users, and is taken by counting the daily requests from Thunderbird users for updates to the plugin blocklist. This measure under-counts active users for a variety of reasons (such as firewalls, or users that do not use Thunderbird everyday). Based on more detailed studies with other applications, a typical multiplier applied to ADI to estimate total active users is 2.5. So the best estimate of current active users is 25,000,000.

Thunderbird Celebrates its 11 Birthday

Eleven years ago, on December 7 2004, Mozilla announced in a blog post the birth of Thunderbird. Happy Birthday, Thunderbird!

String-freeze for Thunderbird 45 on December 14

The Thunderbird development team is working hard on the next major release of Thunderbird, version 45, which is due for release in March of 2016. String freeze for new features is this weekend. Over 1000 code commits have been done to the main Thunderbird code repository in preparation for this release (in addition to the tens of thousands of commits to the Mozilla platform repository that Thunderbird uses as its base).

Mozilla Foundation as (Temporary) Thunderbird Home

Coincidentally on the same date as the new ADI record, in a post to a public Mozilla discussion forum, Mozilla Chairperson Mitchell Baker outlined some upcoming changes in the relationship of Mozilla to Thunderbird.

In the administrative part of that post, Mitchell announced that the Mozilla Foundation under Mark Surman has been working with Thunderbird to provide at least a temporary legal and financial home for the Thunderbird project (which we have been sorely lacking for several years). At the same time, a formal process will be undertaken to determine what is the best long-term home for Thunderbird, which might be Mozilla or might be some other entity.

Practically what this means is that in 2016, Thunderbird will finally be able to accept donations from users directed toward the update and maintenance of Thunderbird. In the long run, Thunderbird needs to rely on our users for support, and not expect to be subsidized by revenue from Firefox. We welcome this help from the Mozilla Foundation in moving toward our goal of developing independent sources of income for Thunderbird.

In the technical part of that post, Mitchell reiterated that Mozilla needs to be laser-focused on Firefox, and that the burden this places on Thunderbird (as well as the burden that Thunderbird places on Firefox) is leading to unacceptable outcomes for both projects. The most immediate need is for the Thunderbird release infrastructure to be independent of that used by Firefox, and Mozilla has offered to help. In the long-term, there will be additional technical separation between Firefox and Thunderbird as a continuation of a process that has been ongoing for the last three years.


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Meeting Notes: Thunderbird: 2015-12-01

Thunderbird - wo, 02/12/2015 - 05:00

Thunderbird notes 2015-12-01. NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see

  • jorgk, fallen, ba, wsmwk, mkmelin,MakeMyDay, rkent, marcoagpinto, roker
  • version 45
  • governance, futures
  • builds
Action items from last meetings
  • Thunderbird Council reorganization: we’ll discuss this in the Council directly and do some reorganization. This is not a forever governance plan, but we need to be practical given the many demands of the moment.
Current status / Announcements Current Release Critical Issues

Leave critical bugs here until confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.


  • 38.3.1 bug 1211160 calendar is a workaround for 38.3.0 — Thunderbird Version 38.3 Buttons not working menu items // bug 1211291 – Folders are visible, but messages are not. (?related to bug 1211358 lightning chrome.manifest not updated in 38.3.0 ?)
  • nightly (3 bugs blocking builds, all are assigned) – bug 1195442 – Mac builds broken ~1 month on nightly
  • rkent is working on it – bug 1183490 – (dataloss) New emails do not adhere to sort by order received
    • Plan is to understand issues in converting completely to nextKey = ++lastKey for non-IMAP, then plan how much to implement for 38.3.0 A simple fix of the dataloss is probable. I have a try patch that does the nextKey = ++lastKey that works, now I need to think about patch for 38 (bug 1202105 needs to go to trunk and 38)
    • update 2015-10-20, patches have been posted but waiting for reviews for 2 weeks (aceman will look at those)
    • update 2015-11-17, review done 11-14, need to update and land.

important (but not top critical)

  • status TBD – bug 1182629 – update to 38.1.0 from 38.0.1 re-enables disabled Lightning
  • status TBD – bug 1176399 – Multiple master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled
  • status TBD – bug 1176748 – fix main thread proxies to the migration code (jorgk and m_kato have done such fixes in the past)
  • filelink, proxy,
  • topcrash bug 1149287 is ** 31% of our crashes** – see below
Version 45
  • tracking-tb45 flags: unfixed ?/+ –
  • Items that may need to be checked and tested: gtk3, windows 10, windows 64bit?
  • hardware acceleration – not looking promising (no changes / no testing in recent months)
  • jsaccount should come in aurora
  • Past
    • 38.0.1 nominally shipped 2015-06-12, 38.1.0 shipped 2015-07-10, 31.8.0 shipped 2015-07-17, 40.0beta shipped 2015-07-27 (skipping 39.0b), 38.2.0 shipped 2015-08-14, 41.0b1 2015-09-08 build2 (missed ~2015-08-10)
    • 41.0b2 (with uplifts for 38.3.0)
    • 38.3.0 ~2015-09-25 (throttled on 2015-10-06)
    • 42.0b2 2015-10-13 (42.0b1 abandoned)
    • 42.0b3 ~2015-09-23 (skipped)
    • 38.4.0 2015-11-25 (quite late) – many release notes issues
  • Upcoming –

Past releases:

Upcoming releases:

Round Table Jorg K
  • Landed six patches
    • bug 1219928 – M-C spell checker problem
    • bug 586587 + one more – M-C drag and drop onto editor window
    • ((bug|1226537}} – C-C spell check in subject problem
    • bug 1214377 – M-C editor problem, copy/paste – “white-space: pre;”
    • bug 1225864 – M-C CJK route cause of problem in the serialiser
  • Awaiting review:
    • bug 769604 – C-C font size toolbar button and change increase/decrease size function.
    • bug 1225904 – C-C CJK e-mail with long lines gets corrupted
    • bug 653342 – C-C CJK fix serializer flags, support delsp=yes, tie all CJK issues altogether. Automatically fixes bug 26734
  • (Attended Mozilla Berlin “Tech Meeting”: Firefox OS, Telemetry, Servo/Rust)

Assisting Thomas D. to drive the patches to fix determining the send format (plain/HTML) of outgoing messages:

wsmwk rkent
  • I was away for a full week for Thanksgiving, just back today, and have a ear infection as well, so has not been a good week. Responding to the pEp proposals, and Mitchell’s post, are my main priorities at the moment.
Friends of the tree Action Items Help Wanted Retrieved from “

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Meeting Notes: Thunderbird: 2015-11-17

Thunderbird - wo, 18/11/2015 - 05:00

Thunderbird notes 2015-11-17. NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see

  • jorgk, Pegasus, ba, wsmwk, mkmelin,MakeMyDay, rkent

(to be covered in sections below)

  • version 45
  • governance, futures
  • builds
Action items from last meetings
  • Thunderbird Council reorganization: we’ll discuss this in the Council directly and do some reorganization. This is not a forever governance plan, but we need to be practical given the many demands of the moment.
Current status / Announcements
  • Need to release 38.4 and 43.0b1
    • Please help green up the tree – including not only c-c but also esr38, beta, and aurora
      • We must be aggressive so checkins when patches become available. Thoughts: if you file a bug, please consider fixing it, or pass it off to someone rather than rely on “the fates”. If it breaks build or tests, please make severity=blocker
  • Thunderbird 45: string freeze per schedule, interface freeze later (that’s me demanding a concession like last year).
Critical Issues

Leave critical bugs here until confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.


  • 38.3.1 bug 1211160 calendar is a workaround for 38.3.0 — Thunderbird Version 38.3 Buttons not working menu items // bug 1211291 – Folders are visible, but messages are not. (?related to bug 1211358 lightning chrome.manifest not updated in 38.3.0 ?)
  • nightly (3 bugs blocking builds, all are assigned) – bug 1195442 – Mac builds broken ~1 month on nightly
  • rkent is working on it – bug 1183490 – (dataloss) New emails do not adhere to sort by order received
    • Plan is to understand issues in converting completely to nextKey = ++lastKey for non-IMAP, then plan how much to implement for 38.3.0 A simple fix of the dataloss is probable. I have a try patch that does the nextKey = ++lastKey that works, now I need to think about patch for 38 (bug 1202105 needs to go to trunk and 38)
    • update 2015-10-20, patches have been posted but waiting for reviews for 2 weeks (aceman will look at those)
    • update 2015-11-17, review done 11-14, need to update and land.

important (but not top critical)

  • status TBD – bug 1182629 – update to 38.1.0 from 38.0.1 re-enables disabled Lightning
  • status TBD – bug 1176399 – Multiple master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled
  • status TBD – bug 1176748 – fix main thread proxies to the migration code (jorgk and m_kato have done such fixes in the past)
  • filelink, proxy,
  • topcrash bug 1149287 is ** 31% of our crashes** – see below
  • Past
    • 38.0.1 nominally shipped 2015-06-12, 38.1.0 shipped 2015-07-10, 31.8.0 shipped 2015-07-17, 40.0beta shipped 2015-07-27 (skipping 39.0b), 38.2.0 shipped 2015-08-14, 41.0b1 2015-09-08 build2 (missed ~2015-08-10)
    • 41.0b2 (with uplifts for 38.3.0)
    • 38.3.0 ~2015-09-25 (throttled on 2015-10-06)
    • 42.0b2 2015-10-13 (42.0b1 abandoned)
  • Upcoming

Past releases:

Upcoming releases:

Round Table Jorg K
  • bug 1174452 – M-C editor problem, copy/paste – “white-space: pre;” – patch preposed in bug 1214377 ; landed and sadly got reopened, awaiting review again.
  • bug 586587 – M-C drag and drop onto editor window – awaiting review.
  • bug 769604 – C-C font size toolbar button and change increase/decrease size function – awaiting review.
  • bug 1219928 – M-C spell checker problem – awaiting review.
  • Started looking as CJK problems in flowed plaintext messages: bug 26734, bug 653342.
  • Got hit by bug 1224840 – Assertion failure: IsOuterWindow(), fixed one occurrence.
  • Thunderbird’s future plans
    • Pending letter from Mitchell on Thunderbird and MoCo
    • Big issues for Thunderbird future: 1) cost of transition 2) sources of income
      • 1) Volker Birk & another senior architect will work with you to estimate the cost of transition in man days and $ as they have lots of experince in setting up and migrating complex systems.
      • 2) We have been talking to DigitalCourage about setting up a donation based system and we as the p≡p Foundation will fund Thunderbird until the donation levels are sufficient for a sustained future.
    • Even bigger issues for the future: articulating a vision, collecting partners: p≡p, Postbox, Chinese fork, Gaia email, TDF/Collabora, MoFo, ???
      • We see these points as elements that need to be worked out in the six months’ period that we have agreed with MoFo. As for collecting partners, we consider this as an outcome of the Business Strategy that will be defined in the next 6 months. We, the p≡p Foundation will start discussions with TDF. In my opinion, ‘Collecting Partners’could require quite large time committment and it should hence be very well planned.
    • Status of MoFo-Thunderbird and Thunderbird-p≡p discussions
      • p≡p Foundation is waiting for MoFo to come back with final comments. In the meantime, I’ll be wait for Kent’s input to align
    • My concern for developing capacity of Thunderbird to be self-managed and focused.
    • Planning a Europe meetup in January, focused on a business plan for January – June 2016
      • We are happy to set it up here in Europe.
Question Time
  • new account provisioner: Are there currently any providers other than Gandi? Would it be worth trying to find some more?
  • We need a plan for the build system fairly urgently, given the apparent “no” to the c-c/m-c merge
Help Wanted Retrieved from “

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Mike Conley: A printing story and a PSA: outparams over the IPC layer might not behave like you’d expect

Thunderbird - vr, 30/10/2015 - 16:37

Here’s a story about a printing bug on OS X, and a lesson about how our IPC layer works.

Last week, :ehsan came up to my desk and said “Mike… printing is broken on OS X with e10s enabled. Did you know this?”

It was sad to hear. Nobody, as far as I knew, had been touching printing code (besides bobowen, but he hadn’t landed his patches yet), which meant that some mystery change had landed and it was my responsibility (as the one who had implemented printing on OS X for e10s) to fix it.

The first step was to confirm it. Yep, it looked like I couldn’t print on my Nightly. Crap1. So we get the bug filed, and then I fired up my local build and lldb, and tried to trace out where the problem was occurring.

Drilling down to the regressing changeset

The problem was that my local build printed just fine. Eyebrow raised, I tried using my default profile with my local build to see if something about my profile was causing printing to break. Printing continued to work with my local build2.

Scratching my head, I used mozregression to bisect the problem down to a single changeset.

Here’s the bug it spat out:

Bug 1209930 – Update Mac clang to match the version in use everywhere else

The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Printing got broken by a compiler upgrade? This had bad news written all over it.

Many try builds

So that, I guess, explained why I couldn’t reproduce the problem locally. I needed to build with a particular compiler in order to experience the bug.

The bad news was that I found out that the version of clang that we’d upgraded to didn’t work on my version of OS X (10.10.5). It was supposed to work on machines running OS X 10.7, but I didn’t have access to any3.

I was able to get debug builds off of try, but I had no luck convincing lldb to let me step through it, despite having the symbols and the right revision checked out4.

So this meant a lot of try builds. The good news is that I was able to add a bunch of logging to try, and just kinda walk away while it built. A few hours later, I’d have my build, and I’d get my results. I wasn’t blocked waiting on it to build, so I could work on other things.

What did the logging reveal?

Our printing code sometimes shows this progress dialog when printing starts. It’s put up so that while we’re laying out the page for printing, the user knows that stuff is happening. We show this progress dialog on Linux and Windows, but not on OS X (I guess OS X users don’t expect such a progress window… this was a decision made way back in the day).

The printing engine in the content process sends up a message to the parent saying, “I’m all set to print, let’s show the progress dialog!”. On OS X, the parent responds, “Uh, nope” (which is a return code of NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED), and the child is supposed to go, “Oh okay, I’ll just print right away”.

But here’s the kicker – along with message to show the progress dialog, the child sends an outparam5. That outparam is sent because for some platforms that show the progress dialog, we want to wait until the dialog closes before starting the actual print. On other platforms, we may just want to start printing right away when laying out the page finishes without waiting for the dialog to close.

That outparam is a bool initialized to a value of false in the print engine, and in the non-e10s case where we return “Sorry, no progress dialog” with NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, that bool stays false, and when it stays false, it means that we start printing right away.

My logging showed that for some reason, that value was getting flipped to true despite not being touched by (seemingly) anything in the IPC sender / receiver nor the print progress dialog backend (which still just returns NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED when asked to open the printing dialog).

What the hell?

Here’s the PSA

Ehsan helped me dig into what was going on, and we figured it out. Here’s the big lesson / PSA here:

outparams over IPC, when untouched on the receiver side, get filled with values from uninitialized memory when returned to the sender.

I’ll give you an example. Here’s some sorta-pseudocode:

#include <stdio.h> void someFunc(bool* aOutParam) { } int main(int argc, char** argv) { bool myBool = false; someFunc(&myBool); if (myBool) { printf("Wait, WHAT?"); return 1; } return 0; }

We should never enter that “Wait, WHAT?” conditional block because myBool remains false throughout. It’s initialized to false, and even though we pass a pointer to it to someFunc, someFunc never touches it, so it stays false, and so we skip the conditional and return 0 as expected.

If, however, you did the same thing, but over IPC… well, now you’re in for a fun treat.

On the receiver side of the IPC message, here’s a chunk of the generated code that calls into RecvShowPrintProgress on the parent side:

bool notifyOnOpen; bool success; int32_t id__ = mId; if \((!(RecvShowProgress(mozilla::Move(browser), mozilla::Move(printProgressDialog), mozilla::Move(isForPrinting), (&(notifyOnOpen)), (&(success)))))) { mozilla::ipc::ProtocolErrorBreakpoint("Handler for ShowProgress returned error code"); return MsgProcessingError; } reply__ = new PPrinting::Reply_ShowProgress(id__); Write(notifyOnOpen, reply__); Write(success, reply__); (reply__)->set_sync(); (reply__)->set_reply();

That notifyOnOpen bool is the one that is the outparam in the child. Notice that it’s not being initialized to any value! That means its current value could be, well, anything. When we call into RecvShowProgress, we pass a pointer to that anything value. If RecvShowProgress doesn’t do anything with that pointer (like in the OS X case), well… that random value is what gets written to the IPC message that gets sent back to the child.

And somehow a clang upgrade made it far more likely that this value would evaluate to TRUE as a boolean instead of FALSE.

And so the child assumed that it’d have to wait for a dialog to close before starting to print – a dialog that would never open, because we don’t show it on OS X.

So the patch I eventually wrote initializes the outparam to false before calling into the OS X widget code that just returns NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, and that fixed the bug.

It’s a small patch, but in my mind, it’s a big lesson, at least for me. I had assumed that outparams would work the same over IPC as they do in the same process, and that’s simply not the case.

I’ve filed bug 1220168 to try to make this sort of thing easier to spot in the future.

  1. Our automated testing story for printing is pretty bad. We test some of the built-in UI for printing, but as for actually sending stuff to printer drivers… zero automated tests, which explains why this had gone uncaught for so long. 

  2. If you’re wondering, I wasn’t printing out reams of paper to test this. XCode comes with a Printer Simulator, which is like a PDF printer, except that I can get a better sense of the communications being sent to the printer 

  3. Okay, there’s one in the office, but apparently trying to build on it is a slow nightmare 

  4. Happy to hear and share how to do this if someone will show me 

  5. Read this about passing multiple values back from a method call if you’re curious about what outparams are 

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Mike Conley: The Joy of Coding – Ep’s 23 – 29

Thunderbird - zo, 04/10/2015 - 18:43

Wow! I’ve been a way from this blog for too long. I also haven’t posted any new episodes for The Joy of Coding. I also haven’t been keeping up with my Things I’ve Learned posts.

Time to get back in the saddle. First thing’s first, here are 6 episodes of The Joy of Coding that have aired. Unfortunately, I haven’t put together summaries for any of them, but I’ve put their agendas near the videos so that might give some clues.

Here we go!

Episode 23


Episode 24


Episode 25


Episode 26


Episode 27


Episode 28


Episode 29


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Rumbling Edge - Thunderbird: 2015-09-27 Calendar builds

Thunderbird - zo, 27/09/2015 - 22:19

Common (excluding Website bugs)-specific: (41)

  • Fixed: 357012 – Week number support in multiweek/month view
  • Fixed: 388926 – Use If-Modified-Since when checking for updates in ICS calendars
  • Fixed: 412202 – Long text strings in reminder should use line breaks and not scroll horizontally
  • Fixed: 533265 – Show differences when receiving an event update via email
  • Fixed: 1048035 – Remove occurences of deprecated parseHeadersWithArray from calendar code
  • Fixed: 1110183 – Displayed reminders can be improperly snoozed or duplicated when the calendar is refreshed
  • Fixed: 1151472 – Remove use of expression closures in calendar/
  • Fixed: 1169062 – Lightning extremely slow/unresponsive with Google Birthday calendar
  • Fixed: 1170271 – Provider does not sync single occurrences deleted occurrences
  • Fixed: 1180413 – Attendee list in event dialog should not be comma separated
  • Fixed: 1180416 – Tracking bug for Lightning 4.0.2
  • Fixed: 1184704 – ReferenceError: gs is not defined
  • Fixed: 1184714 – Fix some more strict warnings
  • Fixed: 1186579 – TypeError: is undefined when calling openUILink(kSupportUri, {});
  • Fixed: 1186828 – Support gtk3 builds
  • Fixed: 1187072 – Cache support gets reset disabled for network calendars in calendar property dialog
  • Fixed: 1187574 – calendar.context.togglevisible.accesskey is used for multiple strings
  • Fixed: 1187670 – AUDIO alarms without attachments are rejected although valid
  • Fixed: 1187675 – Icons to add an event or task are hard to distinguish
  • Fixed: 1187728 – There are still calendar-windows css files referenced
  • Fixed: 1187741 – VTODO only calendar disables “add as task” button
  • Fixed: 1188070 – Closebuttons are looking weird on hover
  • Fixed: 1188111 – Failed to read ‘hs’ and ‘ds’ errors in add to calendar button’s drop down list
  • Fixed: 1189109 – Errors in import of .ics file: “Component does not have requested interface [calIOperationListener.onOperationComplete]” nsresult: “0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE)”
  • Fixed: 1192600 – create deterministic header list ical.h
  • Fixed: 1192883 – Fix timezone definition test
  • Fixed: 1193482 – Make gdataRequest backwards compatible again
  • Fixed: 1194997 – Tracking bug for Lightning
  • Fixed: 1195974 – Lightning 4.0.2 switches caldav calendards off and read-only when offline
  • Fixed: 1197320 – Free/Busy information of CalDAV calendar is no longer displayed after latest Lightning Calendar’s update (v4.0.2)
  • Fixed: 1198412 – Use Array.includes in calendar
  • Fixed: 1199942 – Event approval dialog does not filter calendars anymore
  • Fixed: 1200039 – VS2015 build fails in calendar/libical: fatal error C1189: Macro definition of snprintf conflicts with Standard Library function declaration
  • Fixed: 1200861 – Lightning repacks get fooled by interfaces.manifest generated from make export
  • Fixed: 1201169 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcshell-libical.ini:calendar/test/unit/test_gdata_provider.js | xpcshell return code: 0
  • Fixed: 1201838 – Printing tasks is broken [Error: TypeError: aItem[cal.calGetStartDateProp(…)] is null]
  • Fixed: 1202268 – App menu (Hamburger button) in calendar and task tab doesn’t work anymore
  • Fixed: 1202901 – Earlybird 42a2 email text from Outlook hidden by Lightning 4.4a2
  • Fixed: 1203539 – make[1]: *** [upload-en-US] Error 1 | make: *** [upload] Error 2
  • Fixed: 1204255 – Replies to email invitations which have been sent by Lightning 4.0.2 may have email attendees with and without mailto prefix for the same email address
  • Fixed: 1205050 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcshell-icaljs.ini:calendar/test/unit/test_bug1199942.js | xpcshell return code: 0

Sunbird will no longer be actively developed by the Calendar team.

Windows builds Official Windows

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64)

Mac builds Official Mac (2015-08-12 build only, due to bug 1195442)

Categorieën: Mozilla-nl planet

Rumbling Edge - Thunderbird: 2015-09-27 Thunderbird comm-central builds

Thunderbird - zo, 27/09/2015 - 22:18

Thunderbird-specific: (89)

  • Fixed: 256628 – change wording of Recheck Page button in spell checker
  • Fixed: 267663 – Strange behaviour of “read” check for group header
  • Fixed: 267673 – indicate that a closed group has any unread messages, should not be bold if all are read (usability issue)
  • Fixed: 273110 – Thread pane context menu (group): disabled item becomes enabled on hover
  • Fixed: 323391 – Opens only items from one group when the “group-by”-bar is included in selection
  • Fixed: 368915 – Selection of spell check dictionaries disabled in subject line
  • Fixed: 368920 – Darken the background for Message Grouping (Group by Sort) headers
  • Fixed: 376610 – “load” event on Messenger Window fired twice (Mac OS X only)
  • Fixed: 478863 – Messages with future dates (>= tomorrow) badly break “Group by sort”, missing group header string for “Future Dates”
  • Fixed: 496045 – Disable “View message source” as a group action
  • Fixed: 500610 – Dummy headers (groupby view) should have context menus disabled
  • Fixed: 531285 – Use OpenStreetmap for maps (even allow the user to choose from list of map services)
  • Fixed: 532084 – (Message Header) Missing context menu to copy Subject line when mail opened in new window
  • Fixed: 655653 – When Message view is “Grouped by sort”, double-clicking anywhere but the expand/collapse arrow (eg in group heading) does not expand or collapse group
  • Fixed: 876165 – Threaded/Grouped View: not working if there’s only one unread message in a group
  • Fixed: 890332 – Hamburger menu button doesn’t open the menu on mouse down on first use
  • Fixed: 904812 – Make resources ‘testing-common’ and ‘testing’ available in Mozmill tests
  • Fixed: 998312 – Contacts sidebar: Implement Alt+Enter keyboard shortcut to edit the properties of selected AND focused contact (ux-consistency with TB address book and Windows/Linux default shortcut for “Properties”)
  • Fixed: 1037404 – drag’n’dropped reply mails should have “Re: ” in the filename
  • Fixed: 1043146 – Port to GTK3 for Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1082551 – wrong call in log4moz.js ( “this._fos().XXX(…)” should be “this._fos.XXX(…)” )
  • Fixed: 1127580 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/mozmill/content-policy/test-general-content-policy.js | test-general-content-policy.js::test_generalContentPolicy
  • Fixed: 1131879 – Default to disable hardware acceleration (HWA) for Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1138063 – Replace manual install rules (e.g. tests, FINAL_TARGET files) with equivalents
  • Fixed: 1148790 – Font indicator doesn’t update when cursor is placed into text with unsupported font in message composer
  • Fixed: 1152743 – Saved Files tab (about:downloads): Re-Implement “Search” field and “Clear List” button
  • Fixed: 1155655 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/mozmill/quick-filter-bar/test-display-issues.js | test-display-issues.js::test_buttons_collapse_and_expand (The collapsy bar should not be shrunk!)
  • Fixed: 1171218 – Build symbols not working correctly in Thunderbird 38
  • Fixed: 1176216 – TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/components/search/tests/xpcshell/test_async_distribution.js | search_initialized – [search_initialized : 29] “bug645970” == “override”
  • Fixed: 1176716 – “Spelling” button should not be disabled when contacts side bar has focus
  • Fixed: 1178093 – Use darker toolbar icons on Windows 10
  • Fixed: 1180360 – Can’t compose a message to a newsgroup from the header
  • Fixed: 1180462 – Let Account Central show HTML tooltips
  • Fixed: 1180472 – Port bug 1173730 to TB [Use solid tab separator image on Windows 10]
  • Fixed: 1180475 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 1
  • Fixed: 1180478 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 2 (chat)
  • Fixed: 1180481 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 3 (messenger)
  • Fixed: 1180487 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 4 (tabmail)
  • Fixed: 1180588 – Spinner size is wrong on retina computer (when manually entering details for new account)
  • Fixed: 1182831 – typo in autosync.js
  • Fixed: 1185268 – [yosemite][Thunderbird] Simplified Chinese shows up in Traditional Chinese mode when saving an image (attachment)
  • Fixed: 1185540 – Support YouCompleteMe vim plugin in comm-central
  • Fixed: 1187158 – Direct users to the Notification Center settings to disable badge of Dock Icon
  • Fixed: 1187519 – Take Bug 1152517 “Recipient autocomplete wrongly considers last mouse-hovered contact …” and Bug 1130858 “Recipient autocomplete suggestion overrides ANY manual address …” into TB 38.x
  • Fixed: 1188306 – Import of address book in CSV format fails if data contains accented/international characters
  • Fixed: 1188778 – Windows 10 closing tb with X not possible (minimize, maximize and close not working)
  • Fixed: 1189365 – “anti-virus” typo US/GB
  • Fixed: 1190080 – [Windows 10] Jumplist icon almost not visible
  • Fixed: 1190092 – Zoom button cut off after startup if facet date view is unhidden
  • Fixed: 1190124 – run_tooltool process cannot find gtk3.tar.xz
  • Fixed: 1191941 – Disable addon signing via comm-central mozconfigs
  • Fixed: 1192494 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 5 (tagColors)
  • Fixed: 1192495 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 6 (quickFilterBar)
  • Fixed: 1192496 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 7 (mailWindow1)
  • Fixed: 1192497 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 8 (messageHeaders)
  • Fixed: 1192951 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 9 (primaryToolbar)
  • Fixed: 1192952 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 10 (addressbook)
  • Fixed: 1192953 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 11 (composer)
  • Fixed: 1192954 – Remove aero from the tree. Part 12 (tree removal)
  • Fixed: 1192969 – Unneeded preprocessing of messengerLWTheme.css
  • Fixed: 1192972 – Remove the tag definitions from searchDialog.css
  • Fixed: 1193143 – RuntimeError: File “mail/messengerLWTheme.css” not found in mail\themes\windows, mail\themes\windows
  • Fixed: 1193601 – Consider a different titlebar color for Windows 10
  • Fixed: 1193679 – Port bug 1173738 and following bugs to TB (Update URL and search bar borders on Windows 10)
  • Fixed: 1193682 – I’s hard to see the hovered treeitems in the sidebars on Windows 10
  • Fixed: 1193690 – Use the global close icon for Tabs
  • Fixed: 1193716 – Port Bug 1187286 to TB [prevent the ‘No account configured yet’ message from flashing when the account manager window opens]
  • Fixed: 1193721 – Window controls overlay the switch to tabs icons in Windows 10
  • Fixed: 1195143 – Use MOZ_ENABLE_SIGNMAR in instead of mozconfig
  • Fixed: 1195337 – ReferenceError: smtp is not defined when opening Troubleshooting Information, causing whole page to have no data
  • Fixed: 1195462 – Remove release-l10n mozconfigs as they are no longer use
  • Fixed: 1196662 – Thunderbird not checking for mails and becomes unresponsive after hibernation (problem is caused by upgrade to Thunderbird 38.2.0)
  • Fixed: 1197714 – Should not create more than one “Saved Files” download manager tab (about:downloads)
  • Fixed: 1198314 – A starred/marked message does not display the star icon
  • Fixed: 1198709 – crash in NS_strlen(wchar_t const*), TB 38.1.0, Irish (ga-IE) locale
  • Fixed: 1198729 – Attachments tab in Options has no icon
  • Fixed: 1199668 – Contact status and icon not shown for search result conversations
  • Fixed: 1200549 – imtooltip.xml, line 230: NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED: Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [nsIPrefBranch.getCharPref]
  • Fixed: 1202168 – Multiple TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/components/search/*
  • Fixed: 1202756 – Error during |make-package| because of missing
  • Fixed: 1203244 – Huge context menu after right click in message [ReferenceError: GetThreadTree is not defined] in mailContextMenus.js
  • Fixed: 1204206 – Close icon in Contacts sidebar mispositioned
  • Fixed: 1204901 – Remove filter to exclude some plugin strings
  • Fixed: 1205666 – blue bar as background of Options panes list
  • Fixed: 1206595 – Port relevant changes from | bug 885982 – Move MozTCPSocket and MozTCPServerSocket to WebIDL | to Thunderbird
  • Fixed: 1207267 – No horizontal border between toolbar and folder pane and message pane
  • Fixed: 1207363 – Use Array.includes in mail/ instead of indexOf != / == -1
  • Fixed: 1207707 – Port Bug 1189212 to TB [Pinned tab separators are sometimes too thick]
  • Fixed: 1207716 – Port Bug 1188194 to TB [Top border for lightweight theme in Windows 8 is too dark]

MailNews Core-specific: (35)

  • Fixed: 114607 – Newsgroups: Dialog for ‘download max number of headers’ will not appear for following subscribed NG if once set to “0”
  • Fixed: 209189 – Undo delete of message in local Trash folder causes corruption of Mail summary file with blank subject and body and crazy message date 1964/1969
  • Fixed: 301131 – junklog.html dates are taken from the message rather than system time
  • Fixed: 582170 – Need warning for destructive retention settings for POP (Disk Space) and IMAP (Synchronization & Storage) accounts
  • Fixed: 764323 – needs to pass the revision argument to
  • Fixed: 764987 – Allow extensions to add exposed protocols in nsMsgContentPolicy
  • Fixed: 766495 – Draft composition shows wrong in-line images from other draft, if other draft mail is placed at original offset of editing draft mail by Compact. So, if mail is sent without draft save after Compact, wrong image is silently sent by Tb.
  • Fixed: 797710 – Crash on message nsMsgFilterAfterTheFact::ApplyFilter, because of double free?
  • Fixed: 799450 – Thunderbird adds the text of an email in the Drafts folder to an email I send (Confidential data in other/irrelevant draft mail is silently exposed to unexpected recipients by Tb as data of image part)
  • Fixed: 817245 – If Offset of replied-mail/forwarded-Inline-mail/previous-draft-mail is altered by Compact while composing mail, Send/Save can’t find image data in the original mail then Tb spins with “Attaching…”, when the original mail is HTML mail with embed image.
  • Fixed: 843320 – Add number/list of folders chosen in the saved search (virtual folder) creation/edit dialog
  • Fixed: 1032302 – 8BITMIME keyword ignored in EHLO greeting, BODY=8BITMIME absent in MAIL request for 8-bit transfers
  • Fixed: 1100801 – Share duplicated functions from mail/components/addrbook/content/abCommon.js and mailnews/addrbook/src/nsAbAutoCompleteSearch.js
  • Fixed: 1131122 – You have to click “Recheck Page” twice to get it to spell check again
  • Fixed: 1143812 – Always allow creating new contacts and lists, eg after opening addressbook window, when ‘All Address Books’ is selected, or when search field has focus (eg Ctrl+N fails on all of these)
  • Fixed: 1144999 – If MailDirStore, ignore Quarantine option for POP3(mailnews.downloadToTempFile=true), because no need to do it
  • Fixed: 1158179 – Add missing entities of neterror page introduced to m-c in bug 1147212
  • Fixed: 1159255 – Build error: MSVC_ENABLE_PGO = True is not permitted to be used in mailnews/intl/
  • Fixed: 1174832 – In Grouped View, by Subject is special cased to lack a root header row, inconsistent with all other categories
  • Fixed: 1175242 – whole Inbox deleted at every start – maildir
  • Fixed: 1179442 – imap maildir folder has false excess unread message count in folder pane
  • Fixed: 1186141 – Still Outlook import crash via Tools | Import in Thunderbird 38.1.0, after bug 1175055
  • Fixed: 1186782 – nsMailComps.o: In function `DirectoryProvider’: mail/components/build/../shell/DirectoryProvider.h:35: undefined reference to `vtable for mozilla::mail::DirectoryProvider’
  • Fixed: 1189528 – mailnews/local/src/nsMailboxService.cpp:29:22: fatal error: nsRefPtr.h: No such file or directory
  • Fixed: 1189619 – Port bug Bug 1188745 [Rename nsTArray::SizeOfExcludingThis() as ShallowSizeOfExcludingThis() ] to comm-central
  • Fixed: 1189736 – Port Bug 1189156 [Don’t use enumeration style in hash table SizeOf*() functions ] to comm-central
  • Fixed: 1190489 – Port Bug 830801 – Add -DNOMINMAX to the default OS_CXXFLAGS on Windows
  • Fixed: 1192061 – SVG images attachments do not display inline
  • Fixed: 1192696 – Enable custom columns to be Grouped By Sort – backend
  • Fixed: 1195480 – Enable custom columns for secondary sort, persist and restore all column primary and secondary sort states
  • Fixed: 1196422 – error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol GetAsciiHostPort(class nsACString_internal &)
  • Fixed: 1197686 – jsmime fails on long references header and e-mail gets sent and stored in Sent without headers. “Error: Cannot encode … due to length.”
  • Fixed: 1203042 – Port bug 1201224 – stop unifying test package during mac universal builds
  • Fixed: 1205183 – Update comm-central for PLDHashTable changes in bug 1121760
  • Fixed: 1205762 – Port Bug 1201135 to mailnews [Rename pldhash.{h,cpp} to PLDHashTable.{h,cpp}]

Windows builds Official Windows, Official Windows installer

Linux builds Official Linux (i686), Official Linux (x86_64)

Mac builds Official Mac (2015-08-12 build only, due to bug 1195442)

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Meeting Notes: Thunderbird: 2015-08-25

Thunderbird - wo, 26/08/2015 - 05:00

Thunderbird meeting notes 2015-08-25. NOON PT (Pacific). For meeting time, previous notes and call-in details see

  • wsmwk, aceman, fallen, makemyday, jorgk, rkent, mkmelin, clokep
Action items from last meetings
  • Get release documentation into wiki
Current status and discussions Critical Issues

Leave critical bugs here until confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.

  • needs assignee after solution identified – bug 1196662 not checking mails after hibernation, caused by core bug 1178890 (and we may be seeing other issues from 1178890, like hangs)
  • aceman is assignee – bug 1183490 – (dataloss) New emails do not adhere to sort by order received
  • status TBD – bug 1182629 – update to 38.1.0 from 38.0.1 re-enables disabled Lightning
  • status TBD – bug 1176399 – Multiple master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled
  • status ??? – bug 1176748 – Someone needs to add additional main thread proxies to the migration code (jorgk and m_kato have in previous years been the major drivers of fixes)
  • topcrash bug 1149287 is ** 31% of our crashes** – see below

removing from critical list/fixed:

Critical for TB42 and beyond:
bug 1193200 – Blocker: Permissions manager/Remote content exceptions

  • Past
    • 38.0.1 nominally shipped 2015-06-12
    • 38.1.0 shipped 2015-07-10
    • 31.8.0 shipped 2015-07-17
    • 40.0beta shipped 2015-07-27 (skipping 39.0b)
    • 38.2.0 shipped 2015-08-14
  • Upcoming
    • 38.3.0 ~2015-09-23
    • 41.0beta ~2015-08-10
    • 42.0beta ~2015-09-26

Past releases:

Upcoming releases:


  • Still need help rewriting SUMO help articles on Lightning
  • Need to fix bug 1194997 for calendars disabling themselves
Round Table Jorg K
  • bug 772796bug 1174452 – M-C Editor problems to do with pre and “white-space: pre;” currently stalled.
  • bug 368915 – change language in subject (language button), ready to land.
  • bug 1197687 – Font menu again, waiting for Neil.
  • bug 1020181 – Set spell check language for recipient (published add-on as quick fix).
  • developers need to be thinking about landing stuff now, and in the next 2 months, for version 45 moves to aurora dec 14
  • HWA – collected more data and filed bug 1195947 Track HWA issues
  • crashes
    • 38.2.0 crash rate ~0.35, dramatically reduced from ~.5 for 38.1.0 likely mostly due to disabling HWA. Only ~6 GPU crash signatures in top 200 and the highest rank is 80 (vs several in top 20 for 38.2.0), so most GPU driver crashes seem to be gone (but not all of the crash rate reduction will have been just from disabling HWA)
    • topcrash bug 1149287 is **31% of crashes (1)** and needs much work because it’s got multiple causes. Some reports implicate McAfee, some are not “shutdown” because user is hung or waiting on some prompt or protocol issue (only then does user try to close and crashes). (speculating) Are some caused by timer issues from bug 1178890? See the comments (1)
    • lacking time to follow up on other signatures in the “new” topcrash rankings (but that’s OK because we’re very well off compared to 38.1.0)
  • following progress of Thunderbird web pages moving to bedrock – they are close to being done
  • beware – ishikawa in the next several weeks will be landing big changes from many (>12?) bugs, both core and Thunderbird, for IO performance and error checking, eg bug 1116055
  • Patched a lot of build issues, together with aleth


  • I think we have made progress on maildir issues, I hope to get two critical issues fixed before the next release.

I’m finally starting to turn more of my attention to management issues rather than urgent TB 38 problems. In the long run, those are very important, but the urgent easily crowds out the important. Kudos to those trying to get the tree usable again!

We could talk about:

  • Our thoughts on the announced changes to addons (Including not only
    • require signed vs unsigned?
      • no upside? i.e. we have no identified exploits
      • need to wait for enterprise impacts to be resolved
      • concerned that because the “unsigned process” will be no longer used by AMO, it may impact ability to push out unsigned THunderbird addons using the script they used to mass sign Firefox’s unsigned addons
    • XPCOM/XUL deprecation
      • need to make sure we are involved in the conversation and decisions so that developers have what they need in the “new environment”
  • Patrick is happy to do Enigmail integration into Thunderbird, I think we should agree. comments?
  • Joshua, Suyash, and I are working on the SkinkGlue (now JsAccount) integration, which will be the basis of both JMAP and CARDDAV support. –> consider using for carddav support
  • Volker Birk of Pretty Easy Privacy is *very* serious about heavily engaging his Foundation with Thunderbird. Concerns?
  • Then there is the legal and financial home issue …
    • Expect a full-court press on MoFo by me soon, if you have contacts there please advise. One thing that is clear to me after talking to people is how critical Thunderbird is in the greater software world. We DO have a place at the table! How to get MoFo to see that?
    • We have submitted a formal application to Software Freedom Conservancy to affiliate with them, now we wait for their evaluation queue.
    • Very interesting talks with The Document Foundation(TDF)/LibreOffice. #1 concern: All of our energy goes into keeping up with Mozilla to allow us to optimize some future code development that we never actually have time for. Their funding model is very interesting, would be worth discussing.
    • hoping to meet with postbox in a few weeks
  • It would be really great if someone could lead efforts to prototype a fund-raising drive web page in-product. (hoping to target Oct/Nov)
  • looking at bug 1183490 (the order received regression), 2 options:
    1. back out bug 854798. Should be safe. I recommend this.
    2. finally drop msgkey=offset in mbox and just increment by 1. May be risky but there is already a precedent that msgs moved by filters already get key+1 so code expecting key==offset should have already been uncovered. However, there are still some unsure places, fixing which means basically bug 793865 (the 64bit envelope and msgkey!=offset cleanup). I would not recommend this for ESR.
  • finally looking to finish some feature patches (compose font selector, saved files tab, show map widget)
Question Time Other
  • Note – meeting notes must be copied from etherpad to wiki before 5AM CET next day so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.
Help Wanted Retrieved from “

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Thunderbird Blog: Thunderbird and end-to-end email encryption – should this be a priority?

Thunderbird - di, 25/08/2015 - 11:27

In the last few weeks, I’ve had several interesting conversations concerning email encryption. I’m also trying to develop some concept of what areas Thunderbird should view as our special emphases as we look forward. The question is, with our limited resources, should we strive to make better support of end-to-end email encryption a vital Thunderbird priority? I’d appreciate comments on that question, either on this Thunderbird blog posting or the email list

"I took an oath to defend the constitution, and I felt the Constitution was being violated on a massive scale" SnowdenIn one conversation, at the “Open Messaging Day” at OSCON 2015, I brought up the issue of whether, in a post-Snowden world, support for end-to-end encryption was important for emerging open messaging protocols such as JMAP. The overwhelming consensus was that this is a non-issue. “Anyone who can access your files using interception technology can more easily just grab your computer from your house. The loss of functionality in encryption (such as online search of your webmail, or loss of email content if certificates are lost) will give an unacceptable user experience to the vast majority of users” was the sense of the majority.

Woman In HandcuffsIn a second conversation, I was having dinner with a friend who works as a lawyer for a state agency involved in white-collar crime prosecution. This friend also thought the whole Snowden/NSA/metadata thing had been blown out of proportion, but for a very different reason. Paraphrasing my friend’s comments, “Our agency has enormous powers to subpoena all kinds of records – bank statements,  emails – and most organizations will silently hand them over to me without you ever knowing about it. We can always get metadata from email accounts and phones, e.g. e-mail addresses of people corresponded with, calls made, dates and times, etc. There is alot that other government employees (non NSA) have access to just by asking for it, so some of the outrage about the NSA’s power and specifically the lack of judicial oversight is misplaced and out of proportion precisely because the public is mostly ignorant about the scope of what is already available to the government.”

So in summary, the problem is much bigger than the average person realizes, and other email vendors don’t care about it.

There are several projects out there trying to make encryption a more realistic option. In order to change internet communications to make end-to-end encryption ubiquitous, any protocol proposal needs wide adoption by key players in the email world, particularly by client apps (as opposed to webmail solutions where the encryption problem is virtually intractable.) As Thunderbird is currently the dominant multi-platform open-source email client, we are sometimes approached by people in the privacy movement to cooperate with them in making email encryption simple and ubiquitous. Most recently, I’ve had some interesting conversations with Volker Birk of Pretty Easy Privacy about working with them.

Should this be a focus for Thunderbird development?

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